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Olympus Mans
Charting the writing and artwork of Ben Guilfoy on Google+
Charting the writing and artwork of Ben Guilfoy on Google+

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Oh, hello there 2014
It's apparently been an entire year since I updated this blog. Many things have changed since then. Many things have also stayed the same. I finished the Weirdo Company serial ! That was a huge moment for me, hitting the "publish" button on the last of 10 p...

Making the eBooks. "The Armageddon Protocol" will go up on #AmazonKDP tonight!

Broke 11,000 words on 'Weirdo Company: The Man Gods Fear' #amwriting

'Andrew Jackson's Sasquatch Squad!' has been uploaded to #AmazonKDP ...Finally.

Zombie grizzly bears? I'm goin for it... #amwriting

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I used to do a weekly webcomic before I started focusing on prose. It starred cartoon versions of myself and a former roommate. Many of the strips were based on actual conversations he and I had. Time constraints pretty much killed the webcomic. Recently I decided to try Bitstrips, and I thought it might be worth trying to resurrect Olympus Mans. Here's the result.

First draft of 'Andrew Jackson's Sasquatch Squad!' ended up at 13,492 words.

'Andrew Jackson's Sasquatch Squad!' is up to 12,668 words. #amwriting

Definitely added a solid 1,500 words to "Andrew Jackson's Sasquatch Squad!" tonight. #amwriting

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I have posted a short excerpt from 'Andrew Jackson's Sasquatch Squad!' on Goodreads.
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