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Emily Finke
I'm a museum girl, educator, science geek and costumer. Sometimes all at once.
I'm a museum girl, educator, science geek and costumer. Sometimes all at once.

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Science for the People has posted our Getting Away With Murder panel from CONvergence! This is one of my favorite convention panels I've ever been on. Also, we give you helpful tips for how not to be a stupid criminal. (Not for replication. Please don't commit felonies.)
Download "Getting Away With Murder," a panel discussion about #forensic   #science  and pop culture recorded live at +CONvergence Con 2014. Panelists Amanda Leinbaugh, +Emily Finke, +Bug Gwen, and Raychelle "Dr. Rubidium" Burks discuss the Hollywood treatment of forensic investigations, and the way crime scene security, #DNA   analysis, and pattern evidence work in the real world. #podcast  

Oh yeah. I have an account here.

Hi, Google!

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“And I reply, ‘you know what I’m going to tell my grandkids? I’m going to tell them that we paired service dogs with children in need, off the back of a f***ing joke.’

Now here's a cryptocurrency philosophy that I could support.
Dogecoin and Social Good
The founder of dogecoin is everything bitcoin is not. He is inviting government regulation, is more concerned with charitable efforts than being rich, and firmly believes in the importance of an inclusive community. Essentially he comes off as a liberal who sees the potential use of cryptocurrency as a force in social good. It may be something that started as a joke coin, but there is something underneath the creators of dogecoin which is purely idealistic, and kind of punk rock.

Speaking of idealism, if you list your wallets in the comments, I will tip you. If you don't have a wallet, get one at or for an online wallet. 

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A Tumblr of things that cost more than space exploration (more than the total US budget for space exploration, or more than specific well-known missions, and so on). Lovely to have at your fingertips when arguing with someone who thinks we spend too much on space.

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"I take issue with how he reduced my daughter to a “distressed baby” who cost the company too much money. How he blamed the saving of her life for his decision to scale back employee benefits. How he exposed the most searing experience of our lives, one that my husband and I still struggle to discuss with anyone but each other, for no other purpose than an absurd justification for corporate cost-cutting." 

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How can you help do science? It's easy! If you see a bumblebee, take a picture.
Bee a citizen scientist! Take a photo of a bumblebee and help collect data to protect this important part of the ecosystem.

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"If ever there was a testimony to the importance big data has achieved in business it’s this: We will now shape our physical world to create better streams of digital information."

And suddenly, I'm even more interested in Disney infrastructure.

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"Ken Jennings—yes, that Ken Jennings—put it best. "Terrified I might get cancer," he tweeted this morning, "because what if Bill and Emma Keller yell at me.""

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" They say that when the costs–the time and effort–associated with being a member of a social network outweigh the benefits, then the conditions are ripe for a general exodus. The thinking is that if one person leaves, then his or her friends become more likely to leave as well and this can cascade through the network causing a collapse in membership."
Autopsy of a Dead Social Network: Following the collapse of the social network Friendster, computer scientists have carried out a digital autopsy to find out what went wrong. 

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"Shiny little internal killers with a life history worthy of Alien. The world is more amazing than we can know, if we just look closely enough"

No kidding!
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