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In the heart of a teacher is a student
In the heart of a teacher is a student

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“ For a moment, you imagine writing three different lessons
each day and teaching each one to the right group of students, but the thought
of all that work feels, well, unsustainable at best, especially knowing that
any given lesson might miss the mark. How...

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#CyberPD Chapters 3-4 - Remember and Rigor
As I sit here writing this reflection blog, I face my home
office wall and view my “teaching charts.” Useful Templates from They Say, I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing 10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly   Common Transition Words   BALANCE – B...

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#CyberPD - DIY Literacy - Why tools?
One of my favorite teaching quotes
is “A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary” attributed to
Thomas Carruthers.   In the classroom,
whether it is PreK-12 or higher education, it is my goal to help students
become, as Kate and Maggie st...

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Half of #nf10for10
This past semester, I had the great fortunate of working
with a group of Child Life Specialists.   These people are the liaisons between hospitals/doctors and families
when children are preparing to undergo procedures or treatments.   They have a strong und...

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Picture Book 10 for 10 #pb10for10
I’ve lurked on the #PB 10for10 posts for the past few years
and this year I decided was my year to post.   I’ve taught mostly grades 6-12 and am now a teacher educator, so I
decided to post the books that I have used in my own teaching.      Charlie the Cat...

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#CyberPD - Chapters 6-7: Re-thinking Our Existing Tools
As I was reading through chapters 6 and 7, I was struck with
the theme of re-thinking our existing tools and re-visioning them for reading
in the 21 st century when “reading” is so much more than just
consuming text.   Most of us have the
foundations of goo...

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#CyberPD Chapts 3-5 - Authenticity, Intentionality, Connectedness
I’m going to start this reflection with a story.   A few years ago, as a graduate student, I was
completing my preliminary exam.   I had
two large questions that each required papers of about 30 pages. I decided to
conduct a personal experiment (Or would it...

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#CyberPD 2015 - Chapt 1-2 - Why consider digital reading?
Mike Licht, Sara’s words from Bill’s focus group resonated with my
experience with students in many of today’s schools when she stated, “But if I really want to learn something, I do that
outside of school” (p. 5).   My
nephews have expr...

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#CyberPD book for 2015 . . . Digital Reading What’s Essential
The pictures were sent in and the titles tallied . . .  and the winner is . . .  Digital Reading:  What's Essential in Grades 3-8  by Franki Sibberson and Bill Bass  I was unfamiliar with this title but I noticed it in many people's stacks of summer reading...

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It is summer... that means it is time for #CyberPD... now in its fifth year!
I was eagerly awaiting and checking the #CyberPD hashtag on Twitter for hints at when it will start up for this summer.  I have a stack of books and can't wait to share them!  For more information on the background and structure to #CyberPD, you can check o...
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