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Happy Tuesday – Listed below are 7 Reasons why you are NOT a #millionaire by Richard Branson.
1. You’re Not Your Own Boss
Although there’s no guarantee that self-employment will earn you a million dollars, it’s really unlikely that working for someone else will get you there either. There are very few jobs that pay million dollar salaries.
Don’t quit your day job tomorrow to launch a business, however. Instead, consider keeping your day job while you start a business on the side. You’ll have the security of your current salary along with an opportunity to create a business where you can earn extra cash.
2. You Avoid Taking Risks
People don’t become millionaires without taking any risks. Taking a risk doesn’t mean you need to invest all your money into a single investment or that you need to gamble earnings foolishly.
However, taking calculated risks is often part of good money management. No one gets rich on the interest they earn from the bank. Instead, millionaires know how to invest their money wisely.
3. You Never Act on Your Good Ideas
It’s one thing to come up with million dollar ideas, but a completely different thing to act on them. If you are more a dreamer who never puts his money where his mouth is, you’ll never get rich. Millionaires don’t sit around and watch others advance in life. They take action to help them reach their #goals.
4. You Don’t Manage Your Money Wisely
The average person has the potential to become a millionaire in today’s world. Sound investments, a solid budget, and clear goals can mean that a person who earns an average salary can become a millionaire by retirement.
If you don’t manage your money wisely now, however, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to handle a million dollars with good sense. Establish a budget and create goals for yourself to help you save money now.
5. You Don’t Set Clear Goals for Yourself
People who don’t have clear goals aren’t going to make smart money decisions. You need goals to help you save money and invest wisely.
Create goals, such as getting out of debt or saving up for a vacation home. Creating goals will help you determine whether or not you should spend your money on other things that come up in the meantime. If you’re saving with a specific goal in mind, it’s much easier to say no to tempting opportunities to spend money.
6. You Don’t Put in Enough Time, Effort, and Energy
No one makes a million dollars by watching TV or sleeping 12 hours a night. Unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery or inherit a windfall, becoming a millionaire takes hard work.
Millionaires consider the time and energy they put into a project to be an investment. They understand they won’t get immediate results but are willing to put in the hard work it takes to see the fruits of their labor. Learn how to manage your time wisely so you can become more productive with your efforts.
7. You Aren’t Networking with the Right People
You won’t become successful in life if you spend time with lazy people who aren’t interested in managing their money wisely. However, if you surround yourself with energetic, successful people, it will rub off on you.
Develop relationships with successful people in your community. Look for people who can mentor you in your efforts to manage your finances, invest wisely, or build a business. Spending time with others who share your goals can help fuel your passion and efforts to become a #successful millionaire.
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If you are planning on promoting this month, the word TRY can't be in your vocabulary! Try is the word that we use when we need a way out. We don't try, we just do it. We work. And that mindset change moves mountains.
Don't try. Do it.
  #skinnywraps #startswithone  
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If you want your business to work for you, you must do a few things:
1. Work. No explanation necessary. The business won't work if you don't work.
2. Invest your time in things that build your business and your income. This means you will have to stop spending time on things that waste time and do not build your business (TV, mindless Facebook scrolling, internet games, etc...) If you invite me to play Candy Crush or Farmville after you sign up, I will be forced to delete you. In love, of course. I will lovingly delete you.
3. Step out of your comfort zone. I still send messages to people that I am SCARED to message! Recently I sent a message to a friend that is an attorney and my hands were shaking as I sent it. I have a "chicken list" and I still work that list.
4. Use your social media wisely. Stay positive. Post at least a few times a week (if not every day) one thing about your business. Talk about our amazing products, talk about the business opportunity.
5. Invite people to take a look at the opportunity. You aren't forcing it down their throat, simply asking to share some information.
6. Follow up. Fortune is in the follow up.
7. Believe that you can make it work. Doubt and fear has stolen too many a distributor from this business.
8. Truly sponsor people into your business. Do not sign them up and wish them well and hope they catch on! Not everyone is self-motivated and not everyone will know how to start a business. Most people come from a background of being given tasks and being told what to do. We have to help guide people along. Help them with their first party or wrap appointment if possible. Help them create their first facebook post about the business. Help them draft their first message or script to friends and family.
9. Be passionate about this business. If you had a glimpse of what you have signed up for and the way it can change your life, you would SPRINT right now and never look back.
10. If you want to develop a passion about the business, you must stay plugged in. What do I mean by that? Talk to your sponsor frequently (or your adopted sponsor). Listen in to the corporate calls on Sunday night and Monday night (info is always posted on Stay a part of your group and be encouraged by other leaders that have walked where you walk. I would suggest following our leaders, Pam Sowder, Mark Pentecost, and Mike Potillo. Go to any events or meetings in your area (
11. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. You do not know their story, struggle, and sacrifice they have made to get where they are.
12. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged for longer than five minutes. You will sign people up that cancel and stand you up and are more flaky than dandruff. It happens. We work with people and people will let us down. But know that people will often surprise you and do more than you imagined. The trick is to stick with this business until you find the ones that work. They are out there. Promise.
I believe in you and know this business can work for you. The question is, are you ready to work the business?
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I have no words for the last three days. All I know is I am changed. And I was honored to see the hearts of some extraordinary woman and can now call them dear friends.
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There are truly no words for this evening and the outpouring of love, support and transparency found in each of these women. I am beyond grateful to walk side by side with them in this journey and lift each other up. They make me want to be more.
And I am beyond grateful for the woman who loves us enough to organize the trip and give us all the tough love we need to take business to the next level. #unfinished #soready #sograteful
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I think these events can't get any better and It Works! Global and its corporate team takes it to the next level! Thank you for your generosity, hospitality, inspiration and encouragement. We are beyond grateful for your vision and leadership and cannot wait to see what the next ten years look like! See you in five weeks!
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Great team training in Abilene last night! I am so proud of this woman and how hard she is working the business and taking things to the next level!
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I am grateful that It Works has allowed me to be right in the middle of all four!  Take a minute and think about these circles.
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Teacher friends! If you are looking for a way to earn extra income through the summer, I would love to talk with you! Our company is offering a $10,000 bonus to anyone that qualifies for the Diamond level- and if you sign in June you have until September 30th to do it! You reach the Diamond level by following three easy steps and teaching a few people to follow those same easy steps.
Send me a message, I would love to show you how we make both fast money and long term money in our business!
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