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Gina Kimmel
Stay-at-home mom, nature lover, embracer of the simple moments that bring joy to our family
Stay-at-home mom, nature lover, embracer of the simple moments that bring joy to our family

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After a long,
desolate winter,
I ache to see the
tiny flutters of
living wild and
free across the landscape...

#thinkspring   #emergence   #lifeispoetry

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“Trust that your feet will lead you – guide you in the right direction, as if they instinctively know where they are meant to land.  Allow them to follow the map of imaginary footprints, which are inked onto solid ground.”

#innercompass   #trustyourself   #listentoyourbody

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"There is more to a bluejay than any other animal. He has got more different kinds of feeling. Whatever a bluejay feels he can put into language, and not mere commonplace language, but straight out and out book talk, and there is such a command of language. You never saw a bluejay get stuck for a word. He is a vocabularized geyser. Now you must call a jay a bird, and so he is in a measure, because he wears feathers and don't belong to any church, but otherwise he is just as human nature made him." ~Mark Twain

#thebeautyoflanguage   #animaltotem   #bluejay  

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Wisps of white.
Softly floating,
softly flying.
Shades of blue tumbling,
stretching from here to there.


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The snow is falling, 
telling me to slow down. 
Whispering faintly. 
Words so faint that they only extend far enough 
to touch my ears. 
Granting me permission to 
allow my mind to wander. 
To stand in awe at the transformation of the landscape 
which catches each singular flake as they dance down from above 
and join the others to form a thick blanket of exquisite confines. 
Out of the corner of my eye a flash of crimson interrupts the expanse 
of pure white that fills my vision. 
It darts quickly back and forth, 
trilling heartily, 
breaking the silence. 
A reminder that all is not lost.

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What are your truths?

Right now -

At this very moment.

#truths   #listentoyourself

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We start tomorrow!!!

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Looking through the glass,

the outside pulled me in.

Gently held a hand

on either side of my face

and transfixed my gaze

so that I could only see the beauty

that was the expanse.

The frost.

The dawn of a winter’s morning.

Tiny diamonds danced hypnotically

throughout the layers of white,

shining so brightly

like stars had come down to rest,

tired from the endless night.

I inched closer

towards the living, breathing world

sitting exposed

for all to see.

The ice

draped effortlessly

in a frozen embrace,

hugging every last branch

as if this were the final goodbye.

A fragile landscape

that could shatter at any moment

and scatter into


#noticing   #treasurehunt   #openeyes

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The foothold that was stuck in the past is now unhinged
and pointed towards a new light.
A new journey.
Lifting the veil from my eyes,
I can see.
And what is in front of me is
unencumbered realness.

#truth   #seeme

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"Do you play with your kids??"

Rachel of You Plus 2: Beyond the Basics of Toddler Development asked 28 bloggers, writers, and parents that exact question to hear what they had to say about their experience playing with their kids.

Today is only Day 8 and so far I can related to many of the parent's struggles to fully be present and enjoy play with their children.  They have been candid.  Real. Their stories full of truth.  Comforting to others out there facing the same resistance to play.

Read what each had to say so far by clicking on the link below!

#connectthroughplay    #motherhood   #parentingtruth
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