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Vinod Kumar
I am an average guy.
I am an average guy.

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Just trying to concentrate at one point.

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Getting bore...? Watch this...

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Jay Hind.
This is how Secular, Indian Army is..

:::Allah and the Hawan:::

I was sitting in the second row amused at what was going on in front.
It was a 'Hawan' org at the Unit 'Mandir' to ward off bad luck which had made its presence felt in the form of a few Road accidents, and Fire incidents etc in quick succession. 'Pandit Ji' had stated that a 'Hawan' would do the trick and there we were all sitting and fighting the 'Evil'
It helps. This belief in allmighty, this faith, actually helps. There are situations which a 'Fauzi' faces which at times are so impossible, that faith in the almighty is the only anchor.
This situation was not all that impossible though, but there was no harm in taking precautions and enlisting the help of almighty by doing a 'Hawan'. The Unit's 'Second in Command', officiating as Commanding Officer was doing the 'Hawan' on behalf of the Unit. He was chanting 'Swaha' with Pandit Ji and doing the 'Aahuti of Desi Ghee' in the 'Hawan Kund' with utmost sincerity.
Nothing unusual one would say but there is one little detail required to be added here. The 2IC happened to be a devout Muslim and a five times a day 'Namazi', --- doing Hawan ? !!! I tried my level best to spot some discomfort but not once did I notice any thing in his actions, nor any self doubt. And on our part too, not once did I or others sitting around; ('Hindus,Sikhs by faith) feel any thing wrong or unusual about a Muslim leading the 'Yagya'. What is it about Army life that makes one so 'Secular' in practice that the religious concerns never interfere with human relations. I don't remember ever having been told any thing during my training to practice or not practice any particular way of life. So how does it happen that a 'Muslim' never feels any discomfort in doing a 'Hawan' and Hindus sitting around have no problems with it .
I was much junior in service and rank, but I and the 2IC, had very good relations and hence I could afford to take some liberties with him. After the 'Hawan' I told him, " Sir, Don't you feel you have taken a major 'Panga' with 'Allah' by doing 'Hawan'. You better have a good explanation ready when you meet 'Him' on 'Kayamat ke Din'. He laughed and said "I am sure one of your Millions of 'Hindu Gods' will stand up for me and put in a word. They all ( The Gods) stay together you see and will honor each others recommendations. There is only one thing I am worried about. I hope I don't meet 'Him' in the presence of 'Pandits' and 'Maulvis. Otherwise they will give such a twist that I will be deprived of 'Jannat' and the 'Hoors' which are there waiting for me, and I will be destined to burn in the fires of Hell for centuries"
No way Sir,
I must assure you that you and the likes of you have your place reserved in our hearts.
This is the 'Jannat' you will always get to live in.
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