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Modern to vintage table lamps; classic to atypical desk lamps; simple to sophisticated buffet lamps, floor lamps, accent lamps, console lamps, torchieres, novelty lamps and task lamps we have it all here! 
Satisfying you 

When you walk into a friend’s home or office, and you find yourself in awe, in awe of a place made more magnificent with lamps, you will know that you have arrived.  You will envy your friend’s lamps. You will want to own one of those pieces. Well, you are at the right place because here at Lightingzilla we will provide you with lamps that will make your rooms feel like a piece of heaven! Our lamps will take away your envy and make you the envy of the town.

Value guaranteed

The true value of money lies in the value of satisfaction it brings you. If you value an atmosphere and brightness around you by the value of quality, by the value of design, and by the value of style, you have arrived! Our lamps will give you more than the value of your money. They will bring you light that you will appreciate.

Passion before design

Our lamps come in different designs. From contemporary lamps, classy and timeless lamps, modern yet cheeky lamps, artistic to simple lamps. We understand the different tastes and styles that you as our customers have and we try to match that. We aim to please you with our lamps. Our lamps can be the only piece of décor in an empty room and you will not want to leave that room; that’s because our designers design with passion and a sense of the air we want our lighting to bring you. Our designers bring our their lighting visions and creative juices through each and every lamp we stock.
Caring beyond design

At Lightingzilla we care for the environment and believe in sustainability and want you to do the same. You will be able to use energy efficient bulbs on all of our lamps, giving you the exact lighting you need, saving energy – preserving the environment whilst keeping a bit of extra cash in your wallet; more value for your money.

Lamps for life

Quality is worth everything! We have ensured that all of our lamps are durable and will last a lifetime. You will enjoy them as you have dinner today and so will your child and his/her family and so will your grandchildren and their families. 
Whilst you worry about entertaining your friends at home or clients in the office, or guests at a party, let us take care of your lighting problems with our lamps. They say variety is the spice of life, at Lightingzilla we breathe that old adage and ensure our lamps cater for your every lighting need.

Our lamps will light love stories, important academic papers, romantic dinners, and memorable parties. We light your world. We help you weave stories of your lives in comfort; we are the halo of your lighting needs!
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Ceiling fixtures

We offer you a wide variety of ceiling fixtures that will not leave you wanting for more. From chandeliers, close to the ceiling fixtures, billiard/island, pendants, pot racks, mini pendants, lantern/foyer, directional spot lights, recessed lighting, track lighting to lighting systems – we have put all the ceiling fixtures you can dream of under one roof!

Creativity reborn

Our chandeliers will wow you! Art and ideas churned into pieces above your head that will take you back to every era you’ve read of in classic literature novels to the modern look are the creative ways in which our different designers have put our chandeliers, billiard/island, pendants, mini pendants, and lantern/foyer ceiling fixtures together to give you the best lighting. You choose the ones that will work for your respective rooms, not only based on the design but by the number of bulbs and the brightness you believe will work well for those rooms.

Functionality prioritised

Even though we offer you the best designs, we haven’t forgotten that if it’s so beautiful that it doesn’t serve its purpose then it’s not worth having. Our ceiling fixtures go beyond the appealing aesthetics that you will fall in love with. They are  functional because our priority is to ensure you enjoy them!

Budget revisited and revised

We understand the need for every customer to stretch his or her every dollar, because we have that need too! Lightingzilla’s ceiling fixtures are priced to go! We will never rip you off! Our ceiling fixtures are priced to save you money, to make your budget go a bit further!

Create your own style

We want you to have a home that you love coming to and living in. When you walk into your kitchen or around the house we want you to be proud. We want you to be the best version of the authentic you without compromising. We want you to dare to cook every dish you can conjure with the best pot rack above you in your kitchen. We want you to walk around your house like a king or queen with directional spotlights, recessed lighting and track lighting that have been designed and selected with that in mind. We have gone above and beyond to give you pearls to adorn your home with. Be daring and take advantage of it! At the end of the day always remember that Lightingzilla is the place where you can create your own vision and find the hard – to find ceiling fixtures to fulfill that vision.

And then there was light

We have put together lighting systems that will more than bright up your home. We have 2 – circuit monorails, fusion jacks, heads, LED illuminated rails, LED, ADA & flourescents, line voltage pendants, monorails, monorails chandeliers, and wall monorails because we understand that all your homes are different and what works for one home might not work for the other.

We make the hard decisions so your life can be easy when it comes to choosing he best ceiling fixtures!
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Home décor
Be it  accent lighting, decorative wall clocks, stained glass artwork, decorative wall mirrors, Accent Furniture and Bathroom accessories are sure to amaze you. We have the complete range of Home Décor products, from Mirrors to Art, from Fireplace accessories to Clocks, from tables to Decals- you name it, we have it!
Our wide range of home décor products is sure to satisfy your imagination. Many of the home decorative products will be light on your budget too, allowing you to spend as you please. Whether you are looking for art work to decorate your home or a simple vanity mirror, we have choices which will amaze you. A mirror to fall in love with or clocks that never ceases to amaze you – you can never get enough with us!

Find Perfection!

If you are looking for the perfect Fireplace, bathroom and home accessories, look no further. After all, that little bit extra of radiance, that small perfection and that extra touch of naturalness – goes a long way to make your home décor special!

Art that Speaks Your Mind!

Try Art with us – and make your home feel great! Sometimes, the small things can end up making you feel happy. That great piece of art, hanging on the wall of your home, can do exactly that. We provide you with Framed Art, Hand Painted Art and Shadow Box Art from some of the top names in the industry – like Uttermost, House Of Troy and Metropolitan.

Enjoy the air!

To bring in a whiff of fresh air there are windows to suit your taste and botanical accessories which will allow you to bring nature into your space. You imagine it, we have it! 

Fill up your dream world!

Never think of being bored when buying things for your lovely home! Our array of offerings of Accent Furniture will ensure your home is loaded with everything essential. The Chest to store things special, the table to create memories eternal – we provide you the ingredients to build a perfect home!

Go with the Style!

We know you can adorn your house in many ways. Try going with a Grandfather clock if you like the Traditional style or have a water fountain to create a nirvana in your own home. Place Vases-Urns-Finials to give an exquisite look or decorate your tables with table décor.  Our traditional, modern, contemporary and Transitional styles will amaze you! 

Greenery to soothe your mind
Everybody knows today’s is a tough world. Why not get as close to nature as possible? Our range of Florals, Topiaries and Trees-Greenery will not only take you away from the hustle bustle of daily life but also make your home well, heaven!

Make your house your own home!

You may not have thought of it, but a floor lamp would be a welcome accessory in the living room. We offer an amazing range of ceiling fixtures, from simple directional spot lights to pot racks and recessed lighting. You can install a suitable ceiling fan in an outdoor covered area with which you can beat the heat. 

Little things go a long way to make something really beautiful. Your home is a place you will live in, a place you will create memories and a place you will cherish to be in. Why not make it comfortable? 

You can avail of coupons over and above the discount home décor prices to make your spending a steal.  We have a generous no hassle returns policy but we must declare most of our customers want to keep everything. makes available discounted prices for customers who plan to buy in volumes and also for those in the trade like builders, interior decorators, home interior consultants and so on. Whether you are building or re-doing your own home, you will find our site to be a one-stop-shop to which you will return and send others. 
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