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Sophia Reed
Author, Speaker, Blogger, Life Coach
Author, Speaker, Blogger, Life Coach

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I have a new website!
Although I love this blog and have maintained it for a few years.  I have a new and improved website.  I will not longer be posting on this blog and please visit my new site at

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Be Yourself Everyone is Taken
I cannot tell you how many times I used to sit and wonder why things worked out for this person or compared myself to other people and what they were doing.  I would think to myself that this person did xy and z to “make it” so if I do xy and z then I will ...

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Not Everyone Is Going To Be Happy For Your Success
One thing that I have learned is not everyone is going to be happy for you and your success.  Sometimes not even your friends, family, coworkers, and certainly not your enemies.  This is a lesson that I had a hard time understanding.  I remember when I firs...

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Secretly Judging Others, And Then Being Convicted By God
Sometimes pride can get in our way without us even knowing.  Sometimes we get so full ourselves and how we have changed that we unknowingly get on our high horse.  Just this past week I was at a gathering.  During the gathering there was a man and as soon a...

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The World Is Wrong!
For any Christian we should be vigilant what is going on in the world today.  Because if we are not then we are going to miss it?   You may be wondering what I am talking about and if this is some crazy end of times rant.  Well not really, but let me explai...

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God Wants To Take You From Where You Are, To Where He Wants You To Be
So I recently moved.   And I can say that this was a change that I had been fighting for a long
time.   I just did not move into another
house, but I relocated all together.   I
moved my son to a new school, I left the first home that I ever bought and one

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Kanye West For President and Kim Kardashian as Our First Lady Don't Do It!
Kanye as president and Kim K as the first lady would be the worst decision in American History.  Don't do it, and here is why. Don't Forget to Subscribe to me channel 

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My Top 3 Bad Online Dating Stories
Story time.  Listen to my bad online dating experiences on three separate sites., Black people meet, and Plenty of fish. 

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5 Types of Men To Stay Away From
Check out my latest video of five types of men that women should not date. 

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People Are Made For Real Relationships Not Casual Encounters and Hook ups
It seems as though people are starting to believe that humans are not made to mate for life and that we are meant to be with everyone at anyone and monogamy is somehow outdated.  This is insane to me.  Human beings were made in God’s image which means that ...
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