Official 500px app has arrived

So the official 500px has finally arrived and looks like my app *Pix*'s reign at being the top 500px app on Android will finally have to come to an end.

With over 15,000 downloads and a 4.3 average rating I have reason to believe that I did a decent job especially considering this was my first attempt at building an app. The only -ve comments I've received have been for lack of features and not for usability or design or performance.

The official app certainly has all the features one would expect in the app (mine is missing major functionalities like login and sharing but I'm planning on adding those in the near future) but showing tiny thumbnails isn't doing enough justice to the wonderful pictures being posted by the photographers.

Anyway, do try out both the apps.

Link to the official 500px app

Link to my app is below

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