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New Missionary - Elder Adamek Mission Mar. 21, 2016
Hello everyone, Within the first three months of this mission, I found a
scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants that I have worn on the back of my name
tag ever since. "Behold, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are
laying the foundation of a great work. A...
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New Child - Elder Adamek Mission Mar. 14, 2016
Hello everyone, It has been a special blessing on my mission to listen to
children as they pray, speak and act. From the youngest of the young who can
barely string together sentences to those nearing and are in adolescence, the
Holy Spirit has touched my h...
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New Life - Elder Adamek Mission Mar. 7, 2016
Hello! This is one of my favorite hymns. 1.        There is a green
hill far away, Without a city
wall, Where the dear
Lord was crucified, Who died to save
us all. 2.        We may not know,
we cannot tell, What
pains he had to bear, But
we believe it was f...
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New Sight - Elder Adamek Mission Feb. 29, 2016
Hi everyone! The week exploded. There were miracles every day. The sounds of a Minnesotan accent came to me this week
during an exchange with the great Elder Stucki. He's not from Minnesota, but a
couple that we met with is. I was able to share my testimony...
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New Understanding - Elder Adamek Mission Feb. 22, 2016
Hi everyone, This past week was a blur of miracles, feeling God's love
for others and helping them feel His love. This is what a mission is all
about.  I'm grateful that I get to serve a mission for the Lord
Jesus Christ! I have realized even in the sunset ...
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New Teacher - Elder Adamek Mission Feb. 8 2016
Hi everyone! God did everything this week. I really saw that. I'm really grateful that He is helping and changing me and
I've noticed that very powerfully this week through serving His children.  Elder Bradley, what an amazing missionary! He taught me this
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Hello everyone, It wasn't too long ago that I walked into the Missionary
Training Center in Provo, Utah and sat down in a small classroom ready to
begin. The chair next to me was empty, as my companion hadn't shown up yet. The
sun was shining brightly throu...
Founded in Faith
Founded in Faith
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New Learning - Elder Adamek Mission Jan. 25, 2016
Hello! The clouds cover the sky a lot in the winter. Its kind of
depressing and you feel it too. When the sky brightens and turns blue, good
things happen.  We had a meeting this past week containing training from the
leaders of the Church. It was a broadca...
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New Ward - Elder Adamek Mission Jan. 18, 2016
Hi everyone! In all honesty, the Lord has been too good to me. He truly
does bless me more than I deserve. I am grateful for His mercy. I am grateful
for the organized spiritual backup He provides. There is a calm assurance and
important cleansing that come...
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New Love - Elder Adamek Mission Jan. 11, 2016
Hello everyone, The Lord has been revealing to us a pattern of the way He is
working here in our area. Over the past month, we have had numerous experiences
where our intentions on helping specific people have been augmented by our
Heavenly Father's greater...
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