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Required viewing for my summer communication class.
How to make your spreadsheets less terrible. #excel #tables
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Andy Boyan

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How many of these did you play? (Warning: This is the new soundtrack to my life [sorry honey])
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Andy Boyan

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Looking for a CRM-type data collection and reporting tool for academic institutions. Any input?
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Maybe big changes afoot. Something is needed. Curious to see where this goes.
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Andy Boyan

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We had the chance to spend a little time in the WLBN radio station last week. I had a couple of goals in doing this with you as a class, but one of the major ones relates to our unknown selves from the Johari window.

I want to encourage you all to do everything you can reasonably do that expands your mind and experiences while you're at college. You've got a lot of life left after college to work, commute, work some more, commute some more, work again, (repeat), but there's only a small window of time to get involved in so many different things.

Take advantage of what we offer here. There's more to do than you possibly could, if only you take some initiative and work for it. 

WLBN will have sports commentary opportunities coming up, as well as many many other time slots available to run your own music, talk, comedy, or whatever show. 

What were some of your thoughts as you got ready to broadcast over the air for the first time? How did it make you feel? What communication strategies did you try?

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I am excited to talk on the air, but also nervous. I think anytime you do/try something new it is natural to feel nervous due to the unknown. I also have a decent amount of confidence, though, because since coming to Albion I have become much more extroverted and find it much easier to meet new people or speak in front of classes, teams, etc.
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Andy Boyan

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A former student's work!
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Here's some people to circle! Go go #albioncollege !
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Considering using g+ to inform non-football includes people on football-related things.  Thoughts? Anyone have any questions about College Football?
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This explains much of what I was trying to explain today in class in response to some of your ideas.

Let this be a graded prompt. What else did you guys think from today's conversation?

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When there isn't a screen in front of us constantly updating with new information for us to be distracted by, we can more easily focus on one another personally. But that's exactly it; technology won't be our downfall, but rather just a distraction from immediate relationships. As fast as information travels, technology is necessary to stay in the loop with the rest of society, but that doesn't mean an overdose of information through technology will help any more. Balance is important. 
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Here is a study on social media and following athletes on Twitter.  Please complete the study if you follow athletes on Twitter. It would be very cool of you to do so.

Following athletes on Twitter? Take this short survey on athlete Twitter usage: 
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Professor of Communication Studies at Albion College. 

The things I am working on, or find interesting in a teaching or research manner will be posted here.

Research: Robot interface (media) and human perceptions. Sports media. Social media.

Teaching: Media literacy, entertainment media theory, social media.

Professional: Social media consulting, training, new media effects on society.
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