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$5 off coupon.

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What's a new word for when a public figure says something inflammatory, but then later backpedals and says it was taken out of context?
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Today's tune: Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga duet on anything goes. Fantastic song.

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I was at a parent's night at my kid's school a couple of years ago--one of those things where you go to the school at night to meet the kid's teacher and eat a cookie and listen as the teacher tells you all the shit they do in class every day, and then you nod your head in approval. "Ah, yes. MUSIC TIME. That will be good for them." Anyway, I'm standing there like the average awkward dad. I was too shy to talk to other parents, so I just walked a...

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If you like that the internet can make potato salad happen, or be a free exchange of ideas, you should care about net-neutrality, even if the name sounds boring.
The FCC’s paid prioritization plan for Internet access threatens the free exchange of ideas.

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This is a cool article that my research is featured in.
From Infamous to Mass Effect, we move toward good.

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Great kids. Give them a listen.

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Challenge slash request: Please list 5-7 NES/SNES games that are absolute essentials to have for a video game history lesson.
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So many old classics! I can't believe I forgot about Metroid.

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Getting ready to start the semester teaching again. I found this podcast on the way in to school today. It's a neat look at an old tune, but from a Communication angle it's really interesting to think about why Moulty chooses the words he does.

There's a lot of mystery in the world. I think I like not knowing better sometimes.

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Here's your geek tool for the day: DESLIDER!

When you want to see an blog post but it's in stupid slideshow mode?  Put the link here:

Please be patient; depending on the site and the number of slides it might take some time to retrieve the slides and extract all image URLs. Bookmarklet: Deslide: If you browse a slideshow and have the above link bookmarked, clicking on the bookmark will open a new window with the slideshow ...
Communication professor at Albion College. Research and teach Media, Robots, Sports, Social Media.
Professor of Communication Studies at Albion College. 

The things I am working on, or find interesting in a teaching or research manner will be posted here.

Research: Games and learning, communication as complex adaptive system, sport communication

Teaching: Media literacy, entertainment media, social media, games, sport communication

  • Washington State University
    Communication, B.A., M.A., 2000 - 2005
  • Michigan State University
    Communication, Ph.D., 2005 - 2012
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