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Darren Pike

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Don't worry if you missed #SEJSummit in Santa Monica yesterday! The presentations are available on SlideShare:
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57% of people say content creation is the hardest inbound marketing tactic - This and tons more interesting stats from +Ayaz Nanji on inbound marketing #inboundmarketing  
Marketing Strategy - Only 27% of B2B leaders say their inbound marketing efforts are very successful in helping to achieve important objectives, according to a recent report from NetProspex and Ascend2.
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Darren Pike

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Oslo to London. Day 2
We have covered a lot of miles today, even more kilometers.
I took this picture this evening as we used the final supercharger at Bad Fallingbostel between Hamburg and Hanover. 
We set off from Gothenburg this morning and cruised at a leisurely pace through Sweden and Denmark.
We only knew that's where we were because of the sat nav, our visibility was hampered by very low cloud and constant rain.
It's a shame because I know we drove through some spectacular scenery, massive bridges from Sweden to Denmark, amazing wind turbine arrays barely visible through the grey mist and torrential rain.
We used 4 superchargers on our route today, drove past another 4 that we didn't need.
They all worked without hesitation or hassle, and two of those charges were for about 20 minutes. The other two longer when we stopped to eat.
When the superchargers start they are adding range at the rate of about 400 miles an hour, so 35 - 40 minutes gets you up to 95% no matter how empty the battery was when you arrived.
The car is spectacular, at one point, on an unrestricted autobahn my trusty co-driver, Nikki Gordon Bloomfield reached a high speed.
I won't say exactly how fast, it wasn't illegal but it was a great deal faster than either of us had even been on a public road.
My vision was blurred for a while by the brutal momentum, let's leave it at that.
We are well over half way and know we can easily make it to the Eurotunnel by tomorrow evening.
It's been a blast, too much coffee, lots of funny stories and over 300 gigabytes of video footage so far.
We even charged at Middelfart in Denmark, we didn't need to but I just had to stop there.
It was immature, ignorant and just silly but it made me giggle.
So sue me. 
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Darren Pike

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Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen
Just a little bit excited about this.
Next weekend, 21st and 22nd Feb I will be driving a Tesla Model S from Oslo to London. 
Basically there's a Tesla P85 in Oslo, and Tesla want it in London.
My mission, should I wish to accept it, is to get the car from A to B. 
I would be the first to admit this is a slightly insane undertaking at this time of year, but when an offer comes through like this it might seem churlish to turn it down.
We leave Oslo midday-ish on Friday 20th, not sure exactly where we'll be leaving from, Tesla showroom? Maybe.
We hope to stop overnight in Gothenburg.
I've been to Gothenburg before filming various electric and hybrid Volvo's and Nissan's, but any suggestions of where we can charge overnight, nice restaurants, cheapish hotels, yes, I know it's Sweden but everyone is lovely and I love Swedish food and I don't drink much.
After that, who know's how far we'll get or where we'll end up staying.
Total journey is 1,230 miles, there are plenty of superchargers on the route so that's not a problem. Bladder anxiety will kick in long before range anxiety.
It will all be recorded for a Fully Charged special coming to a mobile device, small screen, big screen near you soon.
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Financing Your Basement or Remodel: What's it Going to Cost?
Join us for our second Online Education Series episode to learn all about financing options for home improvement projects like a basement or remodel. Our host +Mia Voss welcomes Blue Sky Remodeling President Adam Rossi to shed light on all the possibilities, and answer your questions!

Monday, Feb. 16, 10am MT
Watch here:

#basementdesign   #basementremodeling   #realestate   #financing   #homeimprovement   #hangoutsonair   #remodeling   #webinar  
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Last fall, a young graduate of ISCOM in Paris asked me to help for writing her thesis on the phenomenon of influence in social media. Its theme immediately challenged me because it raises important new paradigms for professionals and companies. They must…
What are the 6 keys of social media influence marketing and how can you parlay these keys into a personal or business brand?
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How to Rank Up in Search Engines of Today? Tips to Follow!

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Everyone wants to rank up in search engines. But, have you ever thought how is it possible to get your content on first page of search engines? Let's give it a look.
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Darren Pike

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Oslo to London. Day 3
This road trip malarkey is ridiculous isn't it? 
We've driven close to a 1,000 miles now, stayed in different hotels each night, had lunch in some not so wonderful eateries and some fabulous ones.
Today we stopped and used the superchargers at a truly massive garden centre at Emsbüren near the German Dutch border. It was full of lovely Germans buying plants.
While the Supercharger did its work we had a lovely lunch at the Gartenwelt bistro, with free wifi and a lovely smell of flowers.
Here's a breakdown of the 'fuel' costs from Oslo to Belgium so far.
That's what we paid last night at the hotel to charge the Tesla to 100% overnight. €5.50 is £4.46p.
That's how much it's cost us to drive 1,000 miles.
Tonight we are using a free charger at the hotel which will get us to the Maidstone supercharger in the morning so £4.46p is our total fuel cost.
Also worth mentioning that our current calculation is that 80%+ of the electricity we've used on the trip is from renewable sources. 
The picture shows the source of power that is currently charging the car. 
When I put together the Fully Charged episode about this I will also do a breakdown of the energy the car used and do a cost comparison (if we had paid the standard tariff for kWh) with driving an equivalent size and cost fossil burner, namely a BMW 7 series, and Audi A8 or a Mercedes S class.
Today we drove at a very gentle pace, still covered a great distance and greatly reducing our watt hours per Kilometre reading.
Only once did I floor it to catch up with a BMW i8 that overtook us in Holland. 
The driver turned off at the next exit so it was a very brief moment of high speed.
Anyway, nearly home and it's been a blast.
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Darren Pike

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Oslo to London, day 1
I'm currently on board a 19th century sailing ship moored in Gothenburg Harbour, it's now a charming hotel.
This morning, Nikki Gordon Bloomfield and I flew from London to Oslo, caught a wonderful Norwegian train (electric obv) into central Oslo and walked to the Tesla showroom.
On that walk we spotted over 25 electric cars, Nissan Leaf and Teslas mostly.
Tesla have sold over 4,000 Model S's in Norway so they are not an uncommon sight.
We then drove down from Oslo this afternoon, a distance of 289 kilometers ( 179 miles) so we only have about 1,600 kilometers left to go.
Tomorrow the plan is to start early and get to Hamburg before darkness falls.
We have to cover 774 km tomorrow, (480 miles) going through Denmark (over 'The Bridge') and then down into Germany.
To be honest it's not much of a challenge.
The Tesla Model S P85 is an incredible machine, fast, quiet smooth, warm, comfortable and thanks to the network of superchargers, the very notion of range anxiety is a total nonsense.
When we stopped for a comfort break and bite to eat, the car charged from 40% to 98% without any hanging around. 
The picture was taken at the Uddevalla supercharger station in Sweden during a snow storm. 
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Now THIS is what you call true epic content

7,000 words. All filler, no fluff. Outstanding piece from +Will Blunt .

#contentmarketing   #bloggingtips  
Launching and running a successful business blog is no easy task. This epic blog post breaks down 30 factors to shortcut success.
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Eco-Sustainable/Luxury Tours, Travel, Resorts, Products, Green Energy & Utilities, Services & Businesses. Social-Media, Affiliate, Attraction, Article & Multi-Level (MLM) Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Thinker.
Eco-Sustainable/Luxury Tours, Travel, Resorts, Products, Green Energy & Utilities, Services & Businesses. Social-Media, Affiliate, Attraction, Article & Multi-Level (MLM) Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Thinker.
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