Refused to referee for "Stochastic Processes and their Applications" this morning, in accordance with my signing of the "cost of knowledge" pledge. Feels good!!!
My e-mail:

Dear xxx,
Thank you for your invitation of reviewing a paper for SPA. Despite the high esteem I have for you and the rest of the editorial board, I must decline, as I have signed a pledge to boycott Elsevier journals, together with many colleagues:
because of Elsevier unethical behaviour; see also Tim Gower's blog for more details on this petition:
and Wikipedia for a long list of Elsevier's misdeeds:
(including links to the weapon industry!)

I guess this is quite out of place for me to tell anyone what's the best way to fight bad practices from commercial publishers, but if the editorial board of SPA is considering moving SPA to a more ethical publisher, or even better to an open access, non-profit web-site, I would be happy to volunteer time and energy to help in any way I can.
Best wishes
Nicolas Chopin´╗┐
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