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Luvin Living while I can...
Luvin Living while I can...

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Beautiful Plant for the home, Mine are growing wonderfully..

Running Royal 14.04 LTS 64bit on 120SSD (kingston), AMD 8350cpu (water cooled of course), 16gig ram, with the updated Kernel 4.4.0 and runs fine.. so far. :D 

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Compiled and running fine on my rig... AMD8350wc 8core 16gigram 120 ssd blah blah blah... :D 

WoW, its been a while since anyone has dusted off the cobwebs in here haha

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Could be interesting for the kernel compiler enthusiasts...

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Something interesting for the kernel compiler enthusiast... :D

Hi, I have not been as active on G+ as I am facebook, but then even Facebook is boring me, save for people I know are on there and not here. But I plan to be more active on G+ (and by proxy the groups I'm in). So a little update ~ Plans are in the make for building a lan minecraft server with best possible specs our Australian dollar can buy ~ which can be exhorbant, but we've decided not to build a supercomputer ;) Using CentOS as the OS of choice, and Apache as the usual server ware.. My neighbour is driving this, and learning about it at the same time, while I take a back seat to read my law book. So in the mean time, apart from Law studies, I am learning the R programming language, which is interesting. so that is a little of what I am up to..

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ooo news for us Aussies Enthusiasts.. :D

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Where there's Hope, there's Change and Elon Musk is awesome. And he has the powers that be sweating... >_< love it...

Begin Rant: Bloody facebook asking for ID to prove who you are. like bullshit, if I wish to change my name multiple of times, I will. Been using it for years, it is suppose to be a social network site, not a draconian give me all your personal detailed documents to store and sell site.. Time to piss Facebook off for good... End Rant
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