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Kateri Maloney
Math Instructor, eBook writer, writing blogger
Math Instructor, eBook writer, writing blogger

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One family has had an early morning shock, when they discovered their car had been swallowed by a sinkhole in their driveway!

More photos here:

The Volkswagen Lupo ended up in the 30 foot deep hole in Buckinghamshire. Luckily, no one was inside the car when it plunged into the ground. The area has been cordoned off, while building inspectors figure out whether the house could be at risk too.

#UKNews #Sinkhole #Buckinghamshire #HighWycombe

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Do You Want to be a Children’s Book Illustrator?
Are you interested in knowing more about how children’s book
illustrators work? Here’s a step-by-step process and how to get involved
in this exciting field.   By Carolyn Edlund Cherish Flieder, a Colorado native and children’s book illustrator,
spoke wi...

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7 Side Gigs to Help Pay Off Holiday Credit Card Bills
Did you over spend a little too much this holiday?  Here is an informative article by
Jessica Howington. 7 Side Gigs to Help Pay Off Holiday Credit Card Bills

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Kleptomaniac cats' Christmas stash

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The two met in a saloon. She was
a small, black haired woman, twenty if that. From the way she held the glass
and swallowed the cold whiskey without even a flinch, he knew she was very
familiar with it. He didn't ask to take a seat; he
just pulled up a chai...
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