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MyMobileMonday Photography
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This is my last post for  #MyMobileMonday .  
A year ago I started the #MyMobileMonday  group to enable people who adore mobile phone photography as much as I do to connect and see the work of other people and share. It's been so fun and I've met so many awesome mobileographers and I've seen some seriously amazing work. 

Some changes for me mean that I won't be able to curate the group anymore. I'll be closing the page and the community. 
I was hoping that the new Communities feature would allow more interaction between people interested in specific topics, without curators having to manage it all themselves in the old hashtag system. 

But, I'll still be hanging around Google+ aren't rid of me completely :)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the group over this past year and a bit! This is an exciting time to be a mobile phone photographer....I can't wait to see where this year takes us all :)

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I've had it for a year, I got it just before you stopped your theme, I just randomnly found you :)
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Diggin' this mobile phone collage from +Dave Renz. Beautiful shots! 
It's a TOP PICK for this week's #mymobilemonday .
Philadephia Freedom
Elton John- Philadelphia Freedom
#mosaicmonday  for +Mim Eisenberg +Mosaic Monday 
This mosaic was done on my #iphoneonly  ....processed with +Snapseed and photomosaic composed in +Frametastic 
so I will share for #mymobilemonday  by +Sinead Sam McKeown +MyMobileMonday Photography 
and #mofomo  by +Alexander Kesselaar +Michael Sutton +mofomo 
+iphoneography +Phoneography 
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aww...really flattered...thanks so much!
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Love this creative mobile phone image from +Juria Juice. Great to see it in this week's #mymobilemonday  - it's one of the TOP PICKS!
山茶花梅雨 (Sazanka-dzuyu)
Rain dividing Autumn and Winter

#snapseed #snapseedsaturday 
#iPhonePhotography #MobilePhotography #MyMobileMonday +MyMobileMonday Photography curated by +Sinead Sam McKeown 
#TextureBlendPhotography +Texture Blend Photography curated by +Gemma Costa 
#tokyo, #japan, #nature, #photo, #naturephotography
#monochromephotography, #naturemonochromephoto, #NatureInMonochrome, #お散歩シリーズ
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Love this old, rusty scene from +Patrick Kelly. This mobile phone image is one of the weekly TOP PICKS!
Route 66 Fuel Station - Came across this old filling station about a month ago on a historic patch of Route 66 in New Mexico.  Pulled out the DSLR for a few photos, but also took a quick snapshot with Instagram to immediately share withe the facebook crowd.  In the end, it was my favorite of the collection.

#MyMobileMonday +MyMobileMonday Photography +Sinead Sam McKeown
#MetallicMonday +#MetallicMonday +Thomas Raschbacher
#mofomo +mofomo +MichaelSutton
#InstagramMonday +Instagram Monday +ashok mani
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Talented mobileographer +Andrea Ewald is at it again - check out this beautiful mobile phone photo! This is a TOP PICK!
One last post before I run off to work ...

Yesterday at Hakone Gardens in Saratoga ... this photo is actually very misleading ... the light there was mostly flat and it was really cold because the whole garden is in the shadow of the mountains ... just before we were leaving I came across this little pocket of nice light. :)

#MyMobileMondayPhotography  +Sinead Sam McKeown 

Galaxy Nexus, Vignette for Android
Andrea Ewald's profile photo
Awww, thank you, Sinead, for the nice words and for picking it and sharing it here!
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* #MyMobileMonday  has a new home!*

Click below to check out the new community where you can share your mobile phone images, interact with other mobileographers and see the TOP PICK from each week.  
I hope all you mobile phone enthusiasts will check it out and join!
My Mobile Monday
A Weekly Mobile Photography Group
View community
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It's #MyMobileMonday  once again!
My mobile phone image for this week was made on my Samsung Nexus S and edited in PicSayPro and PicsPlay. It was taken in the beautiful and stately city of Budapest, Hungary. 

If you like mobile photography, make sure to check out and circle the +MyMobileMonday Photography page! Thanks to everyone who participates!

#mobilephotography   #mobileography   #cellphonephotography   #androidphotography   #droidography   #mobilephoto  
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Can you say drama?! Check out the lighting and amazing cloud action in this mobile phone image from +Sara Schiavi. Great to have Sara participating in #mymobilemonday ! This is one of the TOP PICKS!
Sara Schiavi's profile photo
Thank you so much +MyMobileMonday Photography and +Sinead Sam McKeown for selecting my pic,it's a great honor and I really enjoy to partecipate in this wonderful theme! Thanks again!! :)
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"Sometimes it's hard to tell what's real"

Welcome to another #MyMobileMonday  everyone :) I'm looking forward to checking out all the mobile phone photos you're submitting!

This image is from my Samsung Nexus S, edited in PicSayPro. It was taken in the spiral staircase in St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest, Hungary. 
#mobilephotography   #AndroidPhotography   #mobileography   #droidography  +MyMobileMonday Photography 
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A little bit of surrealism from +Andrew Hays.... This super cool mobile phone image is one of the weekly TOP PICKS!
A Different Setting

A while ago I was at the Minneapolis sculpture garden with my family and captured a shot of the spoon and cherry sculpture on my phone. Being one for minimalism, I wondered what it would look like in an open field against a blank sky. I took another shot of a field near my house last week and blended the two images together using PicSay Pro. I think it looks way better in this setting than it does in its cluttered city environment. That's just my opinion though!

#mobilartclub  and #cameraindie  by +Alexis McAfee 
#mofomo  by +Michael Sutton 
#mymobilemonday  by +Sinead Sam McKeown 
#instagrammonday  by +ashok mani 
#moodymonday  by +Philip Daly and +Carole Buckwalter 

#androidography   #androidphotography   #phonephotography   #phoneography  
Andrew Hays's profile photo
Thanks a lot +Sinead Sam McKeown ! Much appreciated! 
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This beautiful winter shot is from +Milan Stojanović. Lovely mobile photography! This is a TOP PICK for this week
This is a shot from the end of January, made ​​with my phone Samsung I-900. Without processing, just a bad weather :)

For: #mymobilemonday +MyMobileMonday Photography and +Sinead Sam McKeown 
Milan Stojanović's profile photo
Thanks a lot +MyMobileMonday Photography!
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Showcasing the best Mobile Photography on Google+ Hosted by Sinead Sam McKeown
MyMobileMonday is a weekly photography group that showcases images made with mobile phones. +Sinead Sam McKeown is the curator. 

If you would like to participate in the group:
  • Just share a photograph taken with any mobile phone. It doesn't need to be taken that day!
  • Tag your post with the hashtag #MyMobileMonday. To make sure I see it, tag me too: +Sinead Sam McKeown
  • You can also include what kind of phone and apps you used to make the image. It helps us all learn new things :)
  • If you would like your photo to be eligible to be one of the weekly TOP PICKS make sure to circle this page and share your post publicly!

If you would like to be inspired by what can be achieved with a camera phone, just search the #MyMobileMonday hashtag or visit this page to see the highlights and my favorites from the week!

Why Mobile Photography? Because I firmly believe that photography is not about the gear! I have seen and been inspired by stunning images taken with point and shoots, cheap toy cameras, vintage cameras and of course, mobile phones. 
There is a saying that the best camera is the one you have with you, and how well does this fit with Mobile Photography?!

#mymobilemonday #mobilephotography #droidography #iphoneography #cellphonephotography #androidography #mobileography #mobilemonday