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New Year Family Tradition
How will you celebrate New
Years Day?   Well, let me tell you about
my family tradition.   My maternal grandparents –
George & Mary Watson migrated from Cleveland, MS.   When relatives migrated from the south they
would stay with my grandparents for a littl...

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Mississippi Rooted 2016 Year in Review
Everyone who knows me
understand the passion and love I have for family unity.   Looking back over this year I can’t help but
smile at the discoveries and connections made.   Finding family has and will
always be at the top of my list of things to do.   One...

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I Dare Not Silence My Right to Vote
Days to Election - CNN We are a few days away from voting in the most bizarre
election of my lifetime.   The country
will decide between two candidates to become commander in chief for the United
States over the next four years.   I have participated in eve...

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Tell Our Story
2nd great grandparents born into slavery I remember watching Roots as a
teenager when it aired in 1977.   It was
hard watching the series, seeing the cruelty of an institution designed to
strip away the culture, dignity and identity of Africans for selfish ...

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Remembering Sammie L. Watson, Jr.
This time a year ago, I wrote a memorial honoring my cousin
Sammie Lee Watson, Jr.   (aka-Sonny) – “In Honor of Our Vietnam War Hero” . Since writing the memorial and sharing it with the rest of
the family that include Sonny’s siblings, nieces, nephews and ...

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The Beginning of Southern Mission
In my last blog piece, “Tracing your Religious Affiliations”
I talked about the churches attended by my maternal family when they migrated
to St. Louis.   The time period for that
piece covered the early 1940s through 1956 when my mother joined another chur...

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Tracing your Religious Affiliations
23rd & Delmar Church of God In Christ   Recently, I came across a picture of my maternal
grandfather, George Watson with a group of people in a church setting.   As I looked at the picture I began to wonder
what church was it taken in and the timeframe.   A...
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