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I keep having the terrible (?) idea of making a Monster Hunter themed supplement for this game. It's shoehorning in a very combat oriented play style into a noncombat oriented game, but maybe that would whet the appetites of more challenge and combat-oriented players.

Just seems like a weird idea. Not necessarily a bad one, but it would change the nature of the game itself. The elements already present in Ryuutama just align so closely to the lore behind Monster Hunter....minus the iconic massive scale monster hunts.

Two part post - one half con prep, one half scenario-building.

So, I'm trying to gather my bearings to try and run TBZ at an upcoming con. (Anime Weekend Atlanta, anyone?) I started throwing scenario ideas at the wall trying to find something that stuck, and ended up putting an entire page of intro flavor text down. Apparently all my Tenra ideas start out sounding like a Tom Clancy novel and have something to do with Northern Court espionage.

1) We've had con prep discussions on here before. If you've played at a con (or in general) with a fresh set of new players, how much pre-prep did you do? Did you bring a heavily regimented and thorough scenario, complete with PC roles already defined? Did you just jot down some ideas/plot hooks and improvise?

2) What do your scenario ideas usually revolve around? I think my gritty wetworks ideas all stem from the spy novels and detective fiction I read in college, haha. Where do you draw your inspiration for Tenra's unique setting? (Besides the wonderful list of sources cited in the rulebook!) 

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Just wanted to give a heads up to +Matías Nicolás Caruso, I just finished playing a TBZ one-shot session using your Spring Bird Style archetype on my character, sheet attached below. I think I performed more as actual performance than as a means of combat...but it was awesome nonetheless. I've had a lot of trepidation as a GM allowing and narrating for players that focus on soft skills (i.e. more social skills, fewer or no combat skills) and actually using this archetype in play made me FAR more comfortable with it than I was before. 

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work - I'd consider this a successful playtest :) 

Question on assigning stats to NPC enemies, particularly bosses but also mid-stage enemies. :) 

I'm running a game with 6 players, and I built a boss NPC according to the suggested bonuses and additional stat points. I felt like it was a little puny for a boss and added 30 extra Vitality based on some of my stronger PCs' attack power, bringing it to 125. (I actually added a full round's worth of summed maximum damage each character could do and it came out to about 230, but that seemed too high.) Even with all this, the players felt it was a bit too easy and asked for something harder next time. 

(Side note: They all fought this boss together, and they really wanted to force the entire cast together in Act 1 so they I don't feel like they've had a real taste of combat alone. I'm about to separate them so they can discover how hard it is when the strength of an entire party isn't behind them...I have only just begun to GM scheme, mwahaha.) 

So I guess my question is - does anyone have any techniques they use to script up MASSIVE bosses and powerful mid-Act enemies?  Special house rules and personal preferences? I have an idea as to how I'll start beefing enemy encounters up in our next session, but I'd like to hear what other GMs are doing. 

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Rainy friday afternoon jams. Achieve great chillaxation in all things righteous, man.

An interesting thought for GMs and soon-to-be GMs. I could say more on the subject but I'll leave it short and open-ended.

Should you make your Zero Act scenes for your players so detailed and filled with juicy plot hooks that you could effectively make a one-shot out of each individual ZA scene? If so, how much do you let player inspirations alter your planned scenario?

Shiki rollers! Had to dig these up for myself today for a game, so to save others the trouble: 

+Dan Strokirk's Shiki Roller web app:

+Michał Dobija's Tenra Toolkit/Shiki Roller desktop app:

Here's a little thought experiment for you...I've been thinking about a character concept for a while. IIRC there are some fine detail rules that might make this impossible, but if someone were to bring it to my session, I'd allow it. Would you?

Archetypes: Yoroi Rider (with a suit armor) & Meikyo Puppeteer

Interpretation: The character would control a suit armor that could be piloted normally or remotely controlled via puppeteer equipment. Or -- or!! -- the armor rider has their own suit armor, and also an identical "slave unit" kimen kongohki. There's even the possibility that the suit armor and the slave unit could combine as a single heavy assault unit. 

My original idea was kind of a Tenran version of Iron Man, but then it got tangled up in a "Gemini" twin unit idea (a subconscious throwback to Sailor Moon or something?), then that got tangled up in Gurren Lagann concepts. Probably some Bubblegum Crisis in here too somewhere. One combination of archetypes, three wildly different interpretations. 

So...would you allow this crazy mess?? I'd allow it if only to see the fireworks...

Tried my first playthrough tonight with two player characters using the Crumbling Days premade scenario. I'm the only one in the group with a rulebook and it was actually everyone's first real practical exposure to the game. Phew -- my brain hurts. 

The first 4 scenes seemed like they were on autopilot. My guess is because everything is scripted, so it's not a big surprise. 

From what I gathered from the rules on Investigations and seeing how scene dynamics actually work now, am I correct in thinking that a vague opening scene(s) could be established for a custom game, and then players add the details after the facts of the opening indecent in Investigations? I remember reading that players could add their own significant information to Info checks, which presumably adds depth to the game. So a crime could happen, and then the players effectively are dispatched to investigate and come up with the clues and evidence on their own in the Investigation. 

Still trying to grasp pacing and battle routines. It all seems easy to follow but that's only if your powers and combos are very well documented in one point of reference. I found myself walking through PC & NPC combos piece by piece just to understand where damage and other vital traits came from. 

Quick clarification: the downloadable character sheet sent out with orders says Initiative = Social *2+Mind-Items. The book says Sense*2+Mind, no mention of -Items, on p78. Should we default to the book or the character sheet? 
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