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I LOVE this watch face, replaced my old one of 3 weeks AND the weather widget actually works!
my only request would be to give me an option to show both phone and watch battery as a percent, I don't really like the 6 bars thing, and would love to actually see percentages :D

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Estes Adventure
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+Wil Wheaton 
heard you say that you had your own show on SyFy and thought I would give it a go! love your tabletop stuff so thought this would be fun!
WOW!!! I loved it! all the jokes and puns just made me and my GF roll over laughing!!! love the ner humor and nerd culture (and hardwicks during show show was just too much). I really loved the "Play more games" signoff that you do on your not-the-flog vids thought it really brought it back that this was really you on the show just being you!
Really hope this takes off, cause I want to see more!!!

Anyone know how to post a hangout on air now?? I havnt used it in so long and everything has changed, the only option I have is "Schedule" but I cant find an acual start

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Japanese memories
December 7, 2013
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+Felicia Day +Wil Wheaton +Geek & Sundry 
not to be nosy or demanding, but what happened to tabletop? I was really looking forword to the tara strong episode, but It never came
than a week later, and nothing said about it.
did something happen? I really loved looking forword to my nerd-thursdays and watching wil play! :D
Hope everything is ok, and that it comes back soon!
<3 you guys!! keep it up! 

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ok I'm just going to say this now
flame me if you want
everyone keeps quoting the "snowden leaked... terrorism... defined... people are the enemy" 
while yes, I believe what snowden said needed to be know to us Americans
the reason the man is being charged with treason and espionage is not because of what he told US... its what he told EVERYONE ELSE
In the documents he leaked, they not only showed how the NSA was spying on its own people (which even the documents say they only store metadata on internal to internal communication and are not snooping on specifics) but that he gave PROOF and PROCESS of how we are watching the data that comes into and out of our country
by trying to help the US people, he has given information to foreign countries (and yes, some of those are our enemies but more so our allies) that we are so distrusting that we are spying on them and HOW we are spying on them
THESE are where the espionage charges come from
do I think it needed said YES do I think the nsa needs to Chill out? YES. do I think the man got a clearance, broke that clearance, leaked TS documents to foreign countries that could jeopardise something that our government (however Corrupt) deemed needed kept from them? that is UNDENIABLE
so yes... treason is treason, espionage is espionage
this man deserves a fair Trial, but no matter how you look at it the charges that are held against him are undeniable...
the good it may do for us aside, the Crime was in fact committed.

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Check out one of the longest running games over hangouts!
Scott Goheen was in a video call with 6 people. #hangoutsonairAndreas Habicher, Matthew Bannock, Emi Cordill, Shoe Skogen, Ellie Schnee, and David Wood
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