I only knew of economic bubbles. Now, there's one called viral content bubble!

For all aspiring make-money-from-home bloggers out there, there is a lesson or two to be learnt from ViralNova story.

1. Search the internet for a strange, heart-breaking or eye-catching story.
2. Rewrite text and combine images and/or videos from multiple sources covering the story.
3. Pick an attention-getting and enticing headline.
4. Publish and share.
5. Repeat the process for 16 hours per day.

The Result: Annual revenue estimated between $1.2m to $4.8m.


Perhaps the news is old for some of you, given it's now 45 days since ViralNova was all over the internet. I heard of it only today, after +MyThemeShop featured the story at their newsletter, advertising the theme that ViralNova is based on!

Check out MyThemeShop themes, including ViralNova's TruePixel here: http://goo.gl/rnghNp

Story about ViralNova at +The Wire:


Here is why ViralNova's founder is looking to sell it for 7 figures, by +Business Insider:

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