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Hughes Mcmurray
GAME!!!! COCKS!!! GO PACK!!! GO!!!
GAME!!!! COCKS!!! GO PACK!!! GO!!!

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What carriers can unlock droid turbo? Verizon fucked me leaving them if it's not fixed tomorrow! I am 99%sure it won't be! Maybe they will surprise me. Not holding out any hope though.

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Apple owners beware!

I turned off dhcp on my router and tried my using my dhcp\ad\dns server again and it started working good again. I added a ca and I think the network needed time to propagate or something is the only reason I can think of as to why my devices wouldn't connect. So all is good except my smartphones, wifi thermostat and echo dot won't connect to the wifi now. I think its because the devices don't have the needed certificate to connect but i'm not 100% sure. Can someone please confirm or unconfirm this ( they connected before using the server). Also is there a way to Join Android phones to a domain or must I use a vpn to connect? I don't have to have the devices connected to the domain, but it would be nice if possible, I just need them to connect to my wifi. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Finally after six months in the new house got the office cleaned up and pretty much setup the way I want it! That's a Lenovo Think center I7-3770 @3.4 ghz with 12 GBS of RAM on the right ( my main machine) and an old vista machine I'm loading windows 10 on to test on the left. Now if i could figure out why my virtual dhcp, dns, ad server stop working correctly the other night, and I can get my test lab back up and running I'll be in business!
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Not a metal band but a great cover of a classic Metal song anyway! Grace can really sing the the shit out of anything (not to mentions she's smoking hot) and the Nocturnals aren't shabby musicians either.

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So I'm watching a Tenacious D Concert on you tube and wondering something. Now I like the D they rock hard and definitely have a metal attitude, but can two guys, one that is basically a comedy actor, that play acoustic guitar really be metal? Just wondering what the community thinks. My vote is yes!
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yes definitely its all about the atitude
No no acoustic guitars allowed in metal

Just set up an active directory domain network in my house with 6 computers on the network. Now cleaning up my parents old vista machine might try and throw win 10 on it for shits and giggles just to mess around with it. That is if this old ass hardware will support it. Lol

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This song just rocks!

Black Country Communion and the Winery Dogs need to do a tour together then Ritchie Kotzen and Joe Bonamassa needed to follow that up with solo tours together. Just saying.
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