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Emily Lawver
A medieval historian in DC who has never actually used her degree again.
A medieval historian in DC who has never actually used her degree again.

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People need to put a picture in their plus profile. Facebook is being a jerk and won't let android take user pictures for contact photos on phones. 

Why are the spaces between the chat bubbles so enormous on the new version? If I can only see four messages at a time on a Note 4, there's too much space! 

Why is GoChat gone in the terrible new version?  I used that!  You guys really need to bring back the functionality.  Maybe split off this dumbed-down new version to make a "GoSMS Lite" and bring back the old functions in GoSMS Pro.

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Love it.
This weekend, we hope you find the droids you're looking for.

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I'm guessing there will be another bubble around DC this winter. We barely got any snow last year.

I find it ironic that a lot of the Kindle fanboys have been posting on the B&N boards, stating that the new Kindles mean the death of B&N. Do they really hope for that? Because monopolies ALWAYS help the customers out, right?

Warning for folks in Sterling: apparently there is a gang going around trying car doors, and if they're open, stealing stuff inside. Lock your car doors. 

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