How to develop effective concordance materials using online corpus a slideshare by Professor Sooin Chun, outlines 2 essential things to do when constructing DDL (data-driven learning) materials.

Note the difficulties with DDL mentioned in slide 5 i.e.
- text difficulty
- skills in using corpora
- time consuming activities

The two things to do are:

1. concordance lines should be representative of frequency of text types and part of speech. So using she gives examples of looking at win and beat and using concordance lines that represent the uses of these words across the text types of Spoken, Fiction, Magazine, Newspaper, Academic and in the two parts of speech verb and noun, see slide 19.

2. the concordance lines so produced (labelled a specialised corpus) can be used for general use and if students have further particular issues then a sample of these concordance lines can be used to investigate further (labelled a micro-specialised corpus), see slide 26.

I am not so clear on what is meant by a micro-specialised corpus but I imagine say when looking at uses of win students spot a feature particular to uses of it in academic texts, then further examples of its use in such texts are pulled and examined further?

Anyway slides worth a look if you are considering DDL.
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