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Eng-Editor: A data-driven tool for English text adaptation

A demo program useful for Chinese speakers but you can get a sense of demo without understanding Chinese. Tool helps with profiling words from wordlists, underlines the longest sentence in a text and has a vocabulary glossary feature.

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Cool English Bi-Lingual Concordancer - English/Chinese
Aimed at school kids

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All About Copora AAC - New site

Nice new site aimed at academics mainly.

h/t Dr Glenn Hadikin‏ @Glenn_Hadikin

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Language for Every Occasion: Christmas Linguistics by Ben Jones
Some linguistic history on Merry Christmas & Happy Christmas

h/t (Swansea University) Lexical Studies Newsletter

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Cutting-edge software helps proves Christmas catchphrase 'Bah Humbug!' is a bit of a myth

Cute story : )

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How to turn linguistic data into evidence?
Nice intro, detailing current issues with links to many corpora

h/t Joe McVeigh‏ @EvilJoeMcVeigh

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CLiC Activity Book
An in-depth book to help you with the CLiC interface, aimed at school literature students but useful for others.

h/t @CLiC_Dickens
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