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I used to...
Own this little business that had a retail store selling skateboards, bmx bikes, and shoes/clothing in combination with an indoor park. I called it Faction Skate & BMX inc. No, the name did not come from that abomination on satellite radio run by that MMA m...

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Fat Bikes. Hmm...
I tried a fat bike for the first time today. I went up to the local area where the fat bikers like to frequent. They maintain these snowy trails by 'grooming' them then riding them to pack them out. This makes riding easier obviously, as the trails are more...

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Enduro racing is fun. You should try it.
In around 2003, I, along with a few close friends, devised this
friendly little backyard racing series. It was coined "The Nutcracker"
for reasons you might expect with a name like that. It was going to
consist of an easy ride to the top of the trailhead...

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Changin' up the old girl
I am a solid four months into ownership of an Xprezo Adhoc and in that time I come to realize that I wanted to make a few changes. First thing was my gearing. I am running the SRAM X1 ten speed drivetrain, which consists of a 12-36 tooth cassette and 32 too...

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Game Changer
This is the best bike test you'll see this year. Yes, I understand we
are early into 2014, but you can stop reading any other bike test after
this one. I know its a bold statement to make. But, what is even
more bold is the bike that I will be testing. I...

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I'm a guy who will occasionally just wear a T-shirt on a ride, save for exceptionally cold or hot days. Everything in between is fair game. I consider most riding 'kits' to be nothing more than silly costumes. Yeah sure, if you're spinning laps on a road bi...

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I ordered up a fisheye lens for my Iphone 6 a while back. Finally got around to trying it out. Its from a brand called Deathlens who market towards skateboarding, so probably not many people know about them. Thankfully I am a skateboarder too so I am allowe...

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The Rose Hill Trail. Part One.
From the onset of the "freeride" movement of the late nineties, Kamloops, BC was the catalyst for much of the media hype that exploded upon the mountain bike scene of that time. This legacy continues on today as the next generation takes the reigns from the...

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Winter riding
I went out today to put in a few kilometers of "road" riding on my Adhoc... and to take photos because its beautiful around here right now. My Xprezo Adhoc in its regular summer garb. No studs needed, although it would have been better. Icy out there today!...

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First ride: Xprezo GrosBig
I would never choose a fat bike if I had dirt to ride on 365 days a year, but I don't have that luxury. Here in Kamloops, British Columbia, we have that nasty white stuff on the ground for three to four months every winter. This leaves me with a few options...
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