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Fothergilla gardenii - Dwarf fothergilla
This is one of several plantings that went along with the construction of the Environmental Center here at Pace - Pleasantville. In fact, this picture is of a shrub just outside the door to my building. When I first saw it, I thought it might be some sort o...

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Linden viburnum - Viburnum dilatatum
I went for a nice walk with my cousin in Rockefeller State Park Preserve yesterday evening. He identified a number of the plants there for me. This one is of particular interest, because it is a non-native reported as becoming more widespread in natural are...

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I like spending time in botanic gardens. For the purposes of becoming better at plant identification, it's nice to be able to look at a plant and have a label nearby that tells me 'the answer'. However, in most gardens, many of the labeled specimens are exo...

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Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Spring is definitely coming in the NY metro area. This past Sunday I spent a few hours walking around the Planting Field Arboretum with my daughter. It was a great day, just a bit cool (around 50F), and oddly, a few hours before we would get an inch of snow...

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Japanese barberry - Berberis thunbergii
My wife, daughter, and I went for a nice walk the Friday after Thanks Giving at Fahnestock State Park . Along the way I noticed a fairly large infestation of Japanese barberry. This is a plant that I'm fairly confident in my ability to identify in the field...

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American crab apple - Malus coronaria
There are a lot of plants in my own backyard that I'd like to work on IDing here. This is the first. American crab apple or wild crab apple or sweet crab apple ... let's just go with Malus coronaria . This tree caught my eye because the fruit have turned a ...

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Changing the focus of this blog
I started this long neglected blog to write down ideas I had as worked my way through getting my PhD in Ecology and Evolution. I've since gotten said degree, finished my postdoc, and started as an assistant professor at Pace University in New York. I've als...

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Did I say local field work? Going international!
One of my earliest posts here was about why I enjoyed local field work (and some of the pitfalls of it too). Well, I'm writing this post from Calvinia, South Africa, a location that is definitely not local for me. I am here as part of my postdoc work, colle...

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Today, a bit of a story ... Kinsman Pond from ledges of North Kinsman I stood near the edge of the clearing with the two scientists, straining my ears to hear the call of a Bicknell’s Thrush. They played the recording, and we listened. As I recall, it was a...

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Stratified random sampling in R using dplyr
A recent Gist I wrote Stratified random sampling with dplr Matthew E. Aiello-Lammens July 10, 2014 Setup Let’s say I have a number of sample units for which I have observed some characteristic(s) at two time-points. In my specific case, I have species abund...
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