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Before we build the "The Rise"
--> While
not in District #2, “The Rise” (100 S. Chauncey at State St.), with 675
bedrooms in three towers, 13, 15, and 16 stories tall, “throws shade”, literally,
on our district. It will be the second of five high density, mixed-use projects
now under con...

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State St. Project: Winners and Losers
Soon we will know which of the two consortia left in the running have won the $60 - $100 million (at the last city council meeting the city increased it's bonding capacity to 73 million in bond series #A, moving to 78 million in a possible bond series #B) W...

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The 2015 Elections ?
There was a municipal election in 2015. You may have missed it. Most people did. There are 42,000 people in West Lafayette. At
the top of the ballot, Mayor Dennis, running unopposed, received 2,000 votes. Folks must have been
happy with the Mayor’s performa...

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League of Women Voters Q&A - 2015
What relevant talents, skills and experience do you bring to the Council?   I have served the Second District for the last eight years. During those eight years I have done all that I can to help preserve the New Chauncey neighborhood. Iconic multi-class, m...

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A Third Term :)
We are getting closer to the November 3rd municipal election !   Here's the first thing you need to know: THE COUNCIL DISTRICT BOUNDARIES HAVE CHANGED Old/Current Council District #2 New/Class 2 Council District #2 New Council District #2 Detail Once West L...

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New Chauncey Land Use Zoning - A Brief History
Six years ago Dr. Carl Griffin had a very good idea. He suggested that the West Lafayette City Council request a land use plan for the New Chauncey Neighborhood from the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission. I was happy to take up that work. The idea gain...

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New Chauncey Rezone - Land Use Part #2
Indy Star columnist Matthew Tully   (he's the Dave Bangert of the Big City) recently wrote that there is some wisdom to be found in the political process. This runs counter to the common notion that everybody who has a nameplate and a comfortable chair at a...

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New District #2 Boundary

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"206" West Stadium
Tuesday evening (12 May 2015) the West Lafayette Historic Preservation Commission approved the construction of a new "kiddie condo" at 206 W. Stadium . The three bedroom, three bath house is to be built on property owned by Plonski LLC  (Palos Verdes Penins...

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"Religious Freedom"
I was pleased to accept the Indiana Civil Liberties Union's invitation to be a member of their April 1st. "First Wednesday" panel discussion on "The RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) - What Impact Could It Have on Indiana. " I am a "two-fer" in this ...
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