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One Pharmacy for Everything You Need with Your Health
One Pharmacy for Everything You Need with Your Health


How Customers Benefit from Adherence Packaging

Atlantic Drugs masters the production of adherence packaging. This type of service provides several benefits to customers, including these:

a. Efficacy of meds as they are safely sealed
b. Unmissed medication intakes, as they are pre-packed for certain periods of consumption
c. Constant reminder to take meds, as some packaging types are smartly designed to give reminders for scheduled doses
d. Safety and durability of meds while on travel, as they are pre-packed securely

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2 Ways to Treat a Pharmacist

Before living their roles, pharmacists go through tireless process and preparation. Now that they’ve established their name, the more they ought to be treated these ways:

a. With Respect to Their Expertise
Respecting them includes valuing their voice, believing in their counsel. They obviously know more and it takes your trust for them to deeply create an impact on your health.

b. With Respect to Their Morale
If you feel like in a pressure cooker seeking ways to treat an ongoing illness, pharmacists don’t need to receive unreasonable rants and nags. Speak to them like you would to a counselor. 

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10 Pharmacy Abbreviations You Must Learn

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Remedies for Pet Colds You Can Do at Home

Has a dog or a cat been afflicted with colds? Here are some treatments you can administer yourself for its healing:

a. Humidify
Increase the humidity in your pet’s favorite areas so breathing gets easier.

b. Feed
Because its nose is clogged, your pet may hardly smell food. Prepare it to be smellier and intently do the feeding.

c. Wipe
With a soft tissue, wipe away your pet’s runny nose.

d. Hydrate
Get your pet to drink enough fluid.

e. Rest
Set a restful area for your sick pet.

If the colds worsen over time, consult a veterinarian.

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3 Ways to Shield Your Child from Flu

Flu has become a common sickness in all ages. Help it not reach your child too easily! The following can be your little one’s unbeatable shields:

a. Fruits and Vegetables
A lot of vitamins and minerals are found in these food groups. The nutrients they each contain are essential to good health.

b. Boundaries
Set boundaries for your child – places they’re not advised to be in, people with an infectious disease they cannot come too close to.

c. Immunization
Flu shots can be your child’s most efficient key to prevention. You can have them immunized at Atlantic Drugs!

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From Worse to Well

Every sick individual desire to be healed. You wouldn't want to take medications and end up only worsening your health dilemma. To ensure making the right choice of meds and their efficacy, purchase your needs at Atlantic Drugs and seek comprehensive guidance!

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FDA’s Role in the Supply of Pharmaceutical Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an advocate for public health, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of all produced drugs and medical products. It does this through careful screening, from which products are either approved or rejected.

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The Role of Pharmacists During Your Oncology Treatment
During cancer treatment, patients meet a lot of different medical professionals. Among them are the pharmacists who are in charge of dispensing medications according to the physician’s prescriptions. Although it is quite obvious how the nurses and doctors help during the treatment, pharmacists help more than just dispensing drugs.

They explain how the medication takes effect. They also inform you ahead of the side effects that can occur and tell you what your insurance can cover. Pharmacists also recommend financial resources to further assist patients.

#RoleOfPharmacists #OncologyTreatment
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Will There Be a Cure for HIV?
To be straightforward, the cure for HIV is still not known. Yet it is undeniable that there are continuous efforts in spreading awareness, educating people about prevention, and improving treatments. However, all these efforts are worth it as more people are becoming more aware of what this illness is and how to evade it.
Factors that affect these studies and researches are cost challenges and some logistical limitations since this disease comes with the need for lifetime care. The research continues to provide these people with more steps ahead to end the disease.

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Facts That Everyone Should Know About Flu Vaccines
It’s been an ongoing debate whether flu vaccines can be beneficial or not. Flu vaccines are actually safe and most people have been receiving them for 5 decades. Although extensive research is still ongoing to ensure the discovery of its full capacity, it’s proven that these vaccines help save lives. They also prevent the acquisition of flu, which can lead to complications. The common side effects of the vaccine include fever, nausea, and headache. However, the vaccine cannot cause flu in contrast to some people’s belief.

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