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One Pharmacy for Everything You Need with Your Health
One Pharmacy for Everything You Need with Your Health

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End-Stage Renal Disease: 3 Ways You Can Manage Pain

Patients with an end-stage renal disease can face different challenges that may require help from a pharmacist or other health care professionals. Aside from the hemodialysis that this patient may need to undergo, the patient may also feel the excruciating pain brought about by the disease. Here are some ways a patient may be able to manage the pain:


This is a non-pharmacologic intervention that has been suggested to reduce acute inflammation. Unlike superficial heat, cryotherapy has been proven to offer optimum therapeutic effect for greater restoration.

Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS)

This is a rehabilitative option that can alter the peripheral system of the patient in order to modulate the pain felt. The good news is that TENS is usually indicated for both acute and chronic pain. It is not only indicated for patients with end-stage renal disease, but also to those who have musculoskeletal pain and osteoarthritis.

NSAIDS or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs

NSAIDS is one of the appropriate pharmacologic agents used to treat and manage pain. It is most likely the first-line agent chosen to cure mild chronic pain. The type of pharmacologic agent prescribed to treat pain in end state renal disease is based on the intensity, duration, and disease condition of the patient.
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5 Reasons to Choose Atlantic Drugs

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Obesity during Pregnancy: 3 Ways Pharmacists Can Keep You Healthy

One of the major complications that a pregnant woman can face during pregnancy is obesity or overweight. If you are a pharmacist, know that you can play a major role in helping these pregnant women avoid the complication. Here are some ways you can do that:


As a pharmacist, you can give counseling points to pregnant women, so that they will know how they can prevent the risk of being overweight or obese at the start of their pregnancy.

Make sure pregnant women are taking only prescribed medicines

There are certain medications that are contraindicated during pregnancy. One of the roles of a pharmacist is to ensure that pregnant women are kept safe by only receiving medications that are safe for them and their baby.

Encourage them to regularly contact their health care providers

One of the reasons why obesity happens during pregnancy is because of lack of guidance from a health care provider. Encourage pregnant women to keep in touch with their health care providers to be able to receive proper treatment. Aside from that, doing this can help pregnant women reduce their risk of having other complications such as hypertension and gestational diabetes.

If you are pregnant and are seeking for help, you can contact our pharmacists here at Atlantic Drugs at 562-912-7940.

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