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Matt Harmless
High School math teacher and Pastor of a small church.
High School math teacher and Pastor of a small church.

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Sermon Power Point for August 13th
Here is Today's Sermon Power Point.

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05 Edgewood Edge-U-Cation
It's Pastor Matt... Here is Episode Number Five of my weekly update. I am starting to think that I need a better "studio" to work in: My basement has too much background noise! Nevertheless, here is my less-than-professional podcast for the week!

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Happy little trees...
I painted some "happy little trees" ... click the picture to enlarge This was done on one of those tiny little canvases. Do you think that I should make a few of these? Does anyone think they would sell?

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"I was only joking!"
Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, “I am only joking!”  (Proverbs 26:18-19, ESV) Three word definitions might be helpful here: "madman" -- This word is only used twice in the Bible. It means...

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04 Edgewood Edge-U-Cation Podcast Episode Four!
Episode Four! If the player (below) doesn't load, click here to download an mp3 of the podcast .

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Choose Joy!
For my Edgewood Peeps!

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Happy Little Cloud
I painted a happy little cloud...

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Episode Three of the Edgewood Edge-U-Cation Podcast!!!
Here it is... Live from Minneapolis, MN... in the middle of a busy restaurant! ...
And here is the Chicken Tacos that arrived while recording the podcast... :)

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03 Edgewood Edge-U-Cation Podcast Episode Number Three
Here is the third episode of the Edgewood Edge-U-Cation Podcast. This episode comes to you "live" from Minneapolis, MN. I am in a restaurant... so sorry about the background noise... but I wanted you to have some sort of update during the week. Here is the ...
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