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Brian Scanlon
President of Social Mediators LLC
President of Social Mediators LLC

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Does anybody have an example of a company that is really nailing it on Vine?  

Do you know a small business in need of social marketing help? We are offering rewards for any referral that turns into a business relationship. Reach out today!

Does anybody has a suggestion for an iPhone/iPad app for organization?  Looking to try to put everything under one roof...Cal/To-Do's/projects/deadlines etc.  

Has anyone had experience acquiring College Campus Representatives for their products, or a client? 

What are some tips you would give a sales team about using LinkedIn for leads? 

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Great message here: 
Three Essential People
A mentor once told me that no matter how many close people you have in your network, if you want to be truly great, you must have three essential people in your life at all times: 

A person who is older and more successful than you to learn from
A person who is equal to you to exchange ideas with
A person below you to coach and keep you energized

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I'll give this a try.  Seems like a fun challenge.  Thank you for the invite. 

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