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Vanessa E Foran “vpip” Recovery Partners Confidential
Independent Personal Insolvency Practitioner, Chartered Accountant, Financial Controller, Repossession Prevention
Independent Personal Insolvency Practitioner, Chartered Accountant, Financial Controller, Repossession Prevention


By now the rest of the Country and the Insolvency Profession included will finally recognise that there is a Dublin Insolvency Landscape and a Not-Dublin Insolvency Landscape. A Leading Lender predicted to this PIP in December 2015 that the Market in Dublin was going to be "worse than it ever was."

Market reports showing single figure growth did not mention the use of Averaging in the calculations. Marquee 7 figure properties were, and still are dropping, therefore impinging on the Average Property Market Price movments.

For a working example of how the Insolvency Profession is a very different days' work here in Dublin see this scenario:
The Primary School Teacher in Dublin 6 is on the same wage scale as the Teacher in Leitrim. Same unsustainable Mortgage 300K; Same Lender; one property a four bed bungalow is worth 120k; the other a 2 bed apartment worth 320K.

One is a perfect candidate for a Personal Insolvency Arrangement; the other : Bankruptcy

London rules now apply here in Dublin

I'm in Cill Dara Housing Agency tomorrow for a Family Home Clinic, There are two appointments still available. call 087 461 3322 if you want to call by. Abhaile Scheme Voucher forms will be available.

Family Home Clinic; 3 February from 10.30
Cill Dara Housing Association
Campion Crescent
Kildare Town

Free Debt Advice Consultation in Dublin on 18th February 2017
Vanessa Foran & Recovery Partners in conjunction with the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI), is offering people in financial difficulty a free, confidential debt advice meeting in the Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley on Saturday 18th February from 10am-4pm.

On the day, Vanessa and a selection of other Personal Insolvency Practitioners and Approved Intermediaries - the qualified debt professionals regulated by the ISI - will hold free one-to-one meetings with people who are in serious financial difficulty to discuss their financial circumstances and debt solution options. There is a debt solution for every situation. Anyone wishing to register for a meeting at this event can do so on the website alternatively, they can contact the ISI information line on 076 106 4200, free text ISI EVENT to 50015 for a call-back or contact Vanessa direct at to arrange a free consultation, or visit

Vanessa is also registered to participate in the Abhaile Scheme, part of the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Service, to find out if you qualify for assistance under that scheme why not contact Vanessa to arrange a one-to-one meeting. If you’re on twitter, so is Vanessa, @ForanV .

Insolvency solutions are unique in that:
 A PIP will deal with all of a person’s creditors to work out a long-term solution to their debt problems. While this is happening, the person will have been granted a Protective Certificate which means that their creditors cannot contact them. Informal solutions being offered by lenders or debt advisors that are not regulated by the ISI cannot offer this protection.
 The solutions are legally binding.
 With all of the ISI’s solutions, the person will return to solvency; which means that they can move on from their debt problems and get a fresh start.
For media queries please contact:
Vanessa E Foran, Recovery Partners,

Included in Minister for ENV, Alan Kelly's Landlord plan is, apparently, a 100% mortgage interest relief for landlords accepting DSP Rent Allowance. This has enormous potential to change the landscape for housing, especially for families. Please do not gut this.

Give it a chance. It can always be revisited in later years, even by a different Finance Minister, via a Budget Speech.

Media appointed Experts and General Election'istas really need to support this one piece of the Bill.

Give it a chance.

Very proud to announce my appointment to the Board of St Agnes' Credit Union.  

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foggy here today.  I was enjoying the sun coming in the window filling my desk with rays of heat.  Where'd it go?

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