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Why family time is important?
Family is everything in an individual’s life, and one
realizes it very well, some sooner and some later in life. As elders of a
family, it is crucial that you make it a point to give your children the proper
essence of family time as frequently as possible....
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Interesting ways to motivate your kids to do household chores—
Parents carry a plethora of responsibilities on their head—from
expenses to familial commitments, to kids’ educations, planning for the future,
etc. The least their kids can do to make everyday lives a bit easier for them
is helping them in household chores...
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Tips to write a good essay in exams
Essay writing can be tedious for many, especially for those
who repel the thought of long form writing. But if you want to earn marks and
score well in the subject, then you cannot run away from essay writing. source: myeconoair Here are five quick tips to ...
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Why is it so important to maintain a good sleeping pattern during exams?
Examinations are an evaluation of what you have learnt,
understood and how well you can put it into words by manifesting your ideas
properly. Though it is quite true that stress, restlessness, confusion become a
part of your exam phase, with worries about m...
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Childhood stress can trigger skin cancer
Childhood is that base on which the entire building called “life”
stands. It is flexible. Whatever you inculcate in the mind of a child is there
to stay for a long, long time, unless of course the child changes things for
himself as he grows old through sen...
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English grammar—5 ways you can improve your grammar
If anything works the best when it comes to language, it’s a
good accent and impeccable grammar. Quite often we end up making some petty
mistakes with our grammar even though our fluency in the language maybe
excellent. source: timelydigest Here are five qu...
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Growing up with imaginary friends—Should you be concerned?
“Astronaut!” “Doctor!” “Singer!” “Actress!” “Wrestler!” Phew! The list of aspirations for a kid is always a never
ending one. With ambitions, dream jobs and hobbies changing every day, every
minute, there are a plethora of things that kids do. Some of which...
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How to protect your children flu season
the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive
involvement of parents”- Jane D. Hull Never ceasing love From
the point of conceiving the journey of child care never ends, the love that you
feel for your child is like ...
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Seven must do creative things this summe
Kids might not spend much time at home but creativity does exist everywhere. Let your kids try these innovative #DIY room décor ideas this summer and have fun doing it. And meanwhile you can prepare some delicious food for them. These ideas will surely brin...
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Parental Pressure: Don’t Push It!
Kids of
today Children
of this day and age are the recipients of information overload, but are being
pushed to their limits by loving, if not misguided parents. There is increasing
pressure on an individual’s status, pressure to prove their place in society...
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