I have a theory about Social Network, the movie. It was written to make Zuck look like a jerk, and maybe even with the hope that it'd help turn people against Facebook. But then the people behind the movie didn't realize that (in America at least), being in a movie makes you cool, it doesn't matter how negative the portrayal is. I think the movie gave Zuck a personality in the way he never had in the media before. It made people think he's cool, though I don't think that's what the director / screenwriter were thinking at all. Just a theory, I haven't actually seen the movie. Listen to me spout! haha And from what I know of him and the story behind FB, it's very inaccurate.

And, what's become my standard msg with these posts FB jokes: No I don't hate FB, it's just that I get these and I wanna share. :)

btw, Mashable reprinted my post about what Twitter could learn from FB: http://on.mash.to/rkpYna

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