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Ran my second session this weekend, and it worked out pretty well! It ended up being one giant combat - the PCs found the cultists at the end of the dungeon, but hadn't dealt with the wandering guardian yet so it showed up about halfway through.

They rushed in and it turned into a bit of a slog when they didn't instantly kill the cultists and their kobold minions. At one point, a player was frustrated and said "I don't know what to do!" while outnumbered by kobolds. "Roll better!" another player said, and I knew I had to squash that right away. Nothing pisses me off more than being told to roll better.

I tried to explain that there are always ways to get around problems. If you're having trouble with the head-on solution, try something else. I dropped the hint that sometimes the best play is the one that doesn't involve the dice at all - it just works because it's well thought out and described.

I did some things that were not perfect, and I shall list them for any other new GMs to consider.
-I forgot XP on a miss until the every end! It probably would have helped the frustration if they got a bonus along with their hard move.
-The outnumbered player disarmed a kobold, and I had it retrieve a dagger and keep fighting. It was almost like that disarm did nothing. Looking back, that was pretty crappy.
-I took a map from Dyson, and set the final encounter in a dead-end chamber. There wasn't any way for them to know what was inside, and no other way for them to get in. I'm sure they felt that the only thing to do was burst in the door and start taking people out.

These players are used to video games, and a little D&D 4e (which we playe dlike a video game) so I'm trying each session to get a little more in-character thought and action out of them. I haven't unleashed the full player improv power of Dungeon World, I'm trying to release it slowly so it doesn't scare anyone off.

Thanks everybody, for all your help with my previous posts. And for reading this one!

First game down, and I'm realizing the Adventure Fronts I made aren't super useful. Because of the way I wrote them, the adventure basically takes place between the last and second-to-last Grim Portent. I have nothing to check off, because everything before has already happened, and everything after would only happen if the adventure is abandoned. Think I need to zoom in a bit more, think about what the starting state of this situation is, and how it would escalate in hours, not weeks or days.

I ran my first session today! I have a little game going online with a couple siblings and a friend, and I converted to DW from D&D 5e. We took the first 45 minutes to do up our characters, then we were off. It was so natural and awesome, everything just worked! Pretty sure I did some things wrong, but everyone had fun.

My biggest weakness as a GM has always been my grasp of the rules and making the word seem real. Every time a D&D rule or combat tripped me up, that weakness was revealed. Now, I feel like I can make the game work and build up my skill, rather than being discouraged and burnt out too quickly.

What's the best move to handle someone shouting to distract a monster from their teammate?

I initially thought Defend, because they're trying to protect a teammate. But the nearby requirement doesn't fit.

They're not really Defying Danger, either. Well, maybe the danger is "The monster doesn't notice you and keeps eating your friend" but that seems forced.

What do you experts think?

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My D&D character is a "dutiful Dragonborn Fighter from an illusory forest who drunkenly swore a blood oath and forgot what for"

Yep, that's a keeper!

Looking for the name of a mecha-based RPG where you battle kaiju as twin-linked pilots like Pacific Rim. My google-fu has failed me. It had a cool sounding name like Apocalypse Titan but much better than that. I remember seeing a ton of development pics, including an amazing cover with a little kid looking up at a giant robot in battle.

Please help me Google+!

Pokes head in

So, what do you peoples thing about roll equal to or under? I'm a big opponent of roll under on it's own, since the number on your sheet should be what you're hoping to get. I have a friend who designed a game with roll under and we all assumed differently and it was a huge bummer when we learned what the rules actually said. Just seems counter-intuitive.

Actually, thinking back I wonder if other games that said roll under we were playing wrong by including the target number.

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