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Using the internet for stuff...
Using the internet for stuff...

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totally forgot i had a google+ account.  not a good sign i guess...

Where's Flipboard support for Google+ ?

How are businesses going to move to Windows 8 -- the UX for the old Win 7 enviro is such a jarring switch from Metro; then add on top application compatibility and support and the whole thing looks like a difficult transition...

Looking at the developer build of Windows 8 and the dev tools. From a 1000 foot view, the user experience is Windows Phone 7. That's generally good, but is it a game changer? What happens when the "shiny new" wears off a week after the Build Windows conference and the hype dissipates?

Having simple systems leads to rapid recovery but less resilience; complicated systems are more resilient but usually slower to recovery. Picking the right choice is hard -- the option you HAVEN'T chosen is always the "RIGHT" one the moment you have a problem...

First new Moogle phone probably called something like ANDRD

Dear Samsung and HTC, good luck with your future endeavors. Love, Google and Motorola
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