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Professional Marketing for the Successful Realtor
Professional Marketing for the Successful Realtor
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WREN's rant of the day:
What is up with the post office not having stamps in stock? Excuse me, aren't you kinda like the "Stamp Store"? You're supposed to stock and sell stamps so consumers can use your mailing services. 
You raised the rates on us January 27th, yet you've not even printed & delivered postcard stamps to your distributors as of February 25th.
Any no, by the way, I would not like to buy a .49 cent stamp to mail a .34 cent postcard (and reward you for your ineptness!?!!!)

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Santa's Sleigh is full of Calendar Mailings! 3,750+ so far this year... and I still have time to help you mail yours before Christmas! 

Spent the morning learning about new iPad apps, new devices and social media networking to help my real estate brokers streamline their businesses.
What's your favorite app?
I'll give you a couple: PDF Expert and Authentisign make doing real estate transactions on an iPad a snap!

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I'm playing hooky from my day job today... see where I'll be:
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