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James Wheat
Weird, but mostly harmless
Weird, but mostly harmless

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The 11 Doctors

First day open. Didn't make any money yet, but had a good day cleaning up stuff and straightening up.

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Lease signed, Cable internet installed, all utilities accounted for- Monday 25th, I open! Just need paying customers so I can make the st month rent LOL

Well, I hear Google has a "bug"; but, I don't see the warning for my computer, so I guess mine isn't infected! yay!

Thinking about branching out on my own with computer repair- being "contract" tech support for a national company. Would be getting so much a day, doing probably 3-8 jobs a day mon-fri.

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One of the all-time Classics: Evil Dead, the Musical!! Enjoy

Got Google+ on my mobile- just have to remember it is there to use!

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Unnamed for now
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