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WD Purple™ - Now with backdoored firmware preinstalled!

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Damn it! Now I have to wait until December. :(

On the other hand, it looks great.
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Whoever made this mistake probably had a pretty shitty couple days after realizing the flaw.
In A.D. 1582 Pope Gregory XIII found that the existing Julian calendar insufficiently represented reality, and changed the rules about calculating leap years to account for this. Similarly, in A.D. 2013 Rockchip hardware engineers found that the new Gregorian calendar still contained flaws, ...
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+Björn Lundén - If I had a nickel every time one of my users hits a crash introduced by a hardware vendor, either in the hardware or in the software, I'd probably be able to retire by now.
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We've said this many times before but it bears repeating.
Upgrading CyanogenMod versions

This is something that drives me absolutely nuts. People run around telling users that they should be wiping data between rom upgrades. I'm not talking about between nightlies, although I've even seen that recommended before which is insane, but between major version upgrades. There is no reason you should have to wipe your data when going from cm-12.1 to cm-13.0. Database migrations are built in to the rom. It handles the upgrade for you. People like +Adnan Begovic spend a bunch of time making sure this sort of stuff works.

99% of the time if someone is having issues after a major release upgrade, its because they didn't flash an updated gapps package along with the rom (not something CM really has any control over) or they went backwards (cm-13.0->cm12.1 for example) as migrations don't handle a downgrade.

On several occasions I've seen +Abhisek Devkota mention that if we do something that forces a user to wipe their data, we've done something wrong. That couldn't be more true.

Now, if you're lucky enough, you may be able to get your hands on an early unofficial build of cm 13 for your device. These most likely will require a wipe at this time, as the database migrations are still in development. But by the time official nightlies start, they will be working.

This is on par with the "wipe your data 3 times in recovery to make sure you get it all" rumor.

tl;dr You don't need to wipe your data when you upgrade to an official cm-13.0 build and anyone that tells you different is misinformed, ignorant or just plain lying to you.
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Unlike the current MiFare Classic attacks available, this new attack can't be fixed in a backward compatible way which is potentially a big problem for NXP due to its widespread use. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
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Fascinating pictures with a first hand account of what the Tianjin port looks like now.
Journalist He Xiaoxin (和小欣) of The Beijing Daily (北京日报) traveled to report from the scene of the massive explosion in a chemical warehouse at the Tianjin port, in which 112 people have been reported killed so far. Dramatic photos and videos of the explosion traveled quickly around the world via the Internet. But in this …
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23 Kilotons they say... a lot of energy.
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I felt like trying the new Shazam Lite app out so I modified it to bypass the region restriction. Basically it always reports the user to be from India which is enough to complete the setup process.

If people would prefer to use the official apk they can instead use an intercepting proxy to modify the login-request sent to the shazam servers. The parameters to modify should be fairly obvious. That should allow you to use it until they force the app to login again. The modified app has no such restrictions of course.
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The future is here!
Upgrade to iPhone 7 with Apple Plug.
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Having seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens I can now rejoin the internet, knowing that I'm basically impervious to spoilers.

Yesterday I was basically living in internet "radio silence".
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The Nexus 6P seems to tie with the iPhone 6S in this speed test (or technically wins ever so slightly).

Still, not bad considering the Nexus 6P is rendering at 2560x1440 while the iPhone 6S is rendering at 1334x750. Basically the 6P has to render an extra 1 000 500 pixels each frame.

It would be interesting to see how it would compare to an iPhone 6S Plus, especially considering that those seem to run their animations at 30 fps instead of 60 fps.
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+Henrik Dafgård​ Yeah, disregard that part. The actual perceived performance test is solid though.
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The weirdest article in my reading list today.

"Security by license agreement"?

EDIT: Working wayback machine link:
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