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Happy Anniversary!
This month marks the first anniversary of
Bijlmer Bridge2Hope! It has been exciting to watch our participants grow and
change and to reflect how far we have come this past year. I have observed a
huge increase in the women’s confidence over the last year.  ...

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The Hague Talks
Bijlmer Bridge2Hope had an exciting
opportunity this past week!   We were
invited to the Hague talks to present on the subject of “Women’s Lives Bought
and Sold—What is Your Part in Human Trafficking?” I spoke on my experiences in working with
victims of hu...

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House Visits and Thanksgiving
This past weekend Canada celebrated
Thanksgiving, and since I am Canadian, I was thinking about all the items,
corporal and spiritual, that I am grateful for. 
The list was made even more discernable after visiting some of our participants’
houses last Frid...

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The Answer to the Question
Recently I have been (more than once) asked
the question, “Is human trafficking really an issue in the Netherlands, or are you
just using the term to illicit an emotional response for your project?”   I truly wish that I could say it is not an
issue, but un...

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Back in Session
Bijlmer Bridge2Hope is back in session
after our summer break!   We met a few
times during the summer months, and now that autumn has arrived, our regular
sessions have resumed. It feels good to get back into our weekly class
schedules and routines!   Our v...

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Save The Date!

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Celebration Time!!
Last Friday we held a birthday party for
all our participants, taking the day to celebrate all the birthdays in 2015. The
Bijlmer Project team treated the ladies to a potluck with dishes that we made
to represent our varied home cultures.   We indulged in f...

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Is there an age limit for human trafficking?
If you are like me, when you begin to learn
about victims of human trafficking, you imagine young girls. Your mind wanders
to Thailand or the Philippines where you hear of girls younger than 12 being
auctioned off to the highest bidder.   Alternatively, you...

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Spring is in the Air
The ladies have been learning how to knit
and crochet as part of the Bijlmer Bridge2Hope program.   In January, we started off making cowls and
scarfs to wear in the cold winter weather. The women spent lots of time
practicing this new skill and made some v...

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Het is half één
The participants at Bijlmer Bridge2Hope
have been working hard to learn the Dutch language, and they are doing really well!   Yesterday we had an oral quiz of past
material, with all of the books closed. The ladies did remarkably well in formulating
Dutch p...
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