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We do not want to burden you with negative news about cyber threats before the weekend 🛀. Therefore, we simply share a useful infographic on how to make your Internet presence more private 🔒:

💻 There are tips for incognito browsing, blocking cookies, setting permissions for websites.
🔗 Another block is about limiting of access to your posts on social media, search and ad settings, application access and tracking.
📱 And last block explains how to restrict on your phone website and ad tracking, ads personalization and personal data storing.

It’s really helpful cheat sheet! Have a nice and private weekend!

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Assistance and Access Bill ( called it Anti-Encryption Bill) was adopted in Australia on December 6.

Why is it needed and what does it mean?

In short:
▪️ Now the Australian authorities can submit requests to providers for access to user data (even encrypted). All this is served under the sauce of the fight against crime and state security.
▪️ Australian Government and Agencies are able not only request but also require access and even require to create a capability to access protected data.
▪️ The Bill mentions that the provider should not create weaknesses and vulnerabilities, but still should give the opportunity to gain access to user data in case of need.

⚖️ So what is more preferable to the public: an additional source of evidence in investigations or reliable protection of user data? Europe (and Switzerland as well) preferred the second.

Our SWISS SECURIUM platform complies with the GDPR and Swiss laws 🔒. And our company will make every effort to maximize the protection of the privacy of its customers.

Based on article:
Bill (you can read essential theses in Summary):
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End of year SALE 🎄🎁! Secure corporate platform for communication, collaboration and file sharing.

📢 Special Christmas offer for our SWISS SECURIUM® solution:

🔷 30% discount on your first year contract
🔷 The first 4 months free of charge!
🔷 Cancellation is possible at any time
🔷 The offer only valid in December

More details about the SWISS SECURIUM® platform:
Request a price list:

🎇 We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Be more secure and GDPR compliant next year!
Sincerely yours, ALPEIN Software SWISS AG.

#ALPEINSoftwareSWISS #alpeinsoftware #SWISSSECURIUM #GDPR #SWITZERLAND #cybersecurity #allinone #outofthebox #GDPRCompliance
#DataProtection #business #SMB #sale #bigsale
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Cybersecurity Forecasts for 2019 by Malwarebytes, in a nutshell:

🔹 gradual replacement of the usual username / password with more reliable and secure methods
🔹 IoT botnets can spread to your nearest environment
🔹 rise of digital skimming
🔹 attacks on Microsoft Edge
🔹 malware distribution with EternalBlue
🔹 cryptominers will leave your browsers and go to IoT and servers
🔹 emergence of new types of attacks that can avoid present detection
🔹 and, of course, AI can move to the dark malicious side

Colleagues, judging by the projections, the new year is preparing us new challenges. But our company does not intend to give in, we will try our best to ensure the safety of our products!

You will learn more about all predictions in the article:

#ALPEINSoftwareSWISS #alpeinsoftware #SWISSSECURIUM #cybersecurity #DataProtection #Cybernews #CyberAware #Cyberwarning #2019 #predictions
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We suggest you to familiarize with interesting and illustrative infographic about what information big tech companies have on us 😨:

Not only Google watching us 👁‍🗨! This is not a reason to become paranoid, but perhaps a reason to try the SWISS SECURIUM platform for safe corporate communication and collaboration:

#ALPEINSoftwareSWISS #alpeinsoftware #SWISSSECURIUM #cybersecurity #infographics #Analytics #Cybernews #CyberAware #DataProtection #infosec
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Dear customers!

We strive to improve your user experience and usability of the SWISS SECURIUM platform! 🥇

Today we are pleased to present you the desktop 🖥️ version of our application CloudSecurium™ .

📝 Now you can edit files locally with the help of your operating system editors - it is more habitual, more convenient and faster. Edited files after saving are synchronized with the server.
🔗 You will be able to share a link to a file or folder in the same way as via a web or mobile app (and also protect the link with a password and expiration date).
👤 & 👥 From the desktop, the sharing of files and folders is now also available for individual users and user groups of your corporate platform.
📧 There is a separate function to immediately send a link: Send private link to email.

Just right-click on a file or folder, select the CloudSecurium item in the drop-down menu and click on the desired action.

You can download ⬇️ the CloudSecurium™ application for the desktop in your Controlium account in the Download section. The app is available for Windows (7, 10), MacOS (10.14) and Linux.

We hope you enjoy using it!

#ALPEINSoftwareSWISS #alpeinsoftware #SWISSSECURIUM #GDPR #SWITZERLAND #cybersecurity #allinone #outofthebox #cloudsecurium #cloud #DataProtection
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SWISS ️SECURIUM - the all in one protected collaboration platform for your business.

It includes confidential data storage and sharing, an instant messenger with private video and audio calls, a convenient password manager and a secured email service. Your own special company tools or services can be easily integrated into SWISS SECURIUM!

instead 1 month for free
WE OFFER 6 months for free!!! 👈

BLACK FRIDAY - Security doesn't have to be expensive! 💸

Get the trial now!

Hurry up! Offer valid only until November 30!

#blackfriday #sale #50percentoff #bigsale #ALPEINSoftwareSWISS #alpeinsoftware #SWISSSECURIUM #GDPR #SWITZERLAND #cybersecurity #allinone #outofthebox
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Congratulations to all on the World Hello Day!

Say “hello” safely with Swiss Securium!

Read more about our secure 🛡️ and GDPR compliant ✅ communication platform:

#WorldHelloDay #ALPEINSoftwareSWISS #alpeinsoftware #SWISSSECURIUM #GDPR #SWITZERLAND #cybersecurity #allinone #outofthebox
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Cyber attacks are among top economic threats! 😮

World 🌐 Economic Forum issued its Regional Risks for Doing Business report. More than 12 000 executives from 140 countries were surveyed.

They predicted the most likely business risks for their countries for the coming years. Each of them selected 5 of the 30 major global risks for their country and ranked them according to the concern they raised.

Europe, East Asia and the Pacific and North America chose cyber attacks as number one risk. In general, 19 countries out of 140 put cyber attacks in the first place among the chosen risks - and this is almost 14%. 24 countries have also included cyber attacks in their lists of top 5 risks, but not in the first place.

Thus, almost 24% of the surveyed countries consider cyber attacks as one of the most important economic risks to business. ⚠️

Related article:
More numbers in full version of the report:

#ALPEINSoftwareSWISS #alpeinsoftware #SWISSSECURIUM #cybersecurity #DataProtection #Threat #Cybernews #CyberAware #CyberThreat #WorldEconomicForum2018 #EconomicRisks
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⚠️ Cyber security breach may ruin brand’s relationship with customers (according to Ping Identity survey)

Top facts:

🔹 78% of 3000 respondents from USA ️, UK️, France️️ and Germany️ would stop online interaction with a brand which had experienced a breach
🔹 49% wouldn’t use online services or apps of recently breached brand
🔹 54% of respondents under 35 consent to provide their bank info in online services or apps
🔹 16% of Americans agree to share their social security numbers with brands (compare to 9% in France, 6% in Germany, 4% in UK)
🔹 27% of Americans have experienced a breach and 24% of those had financial losses in the breach (UK: 15% and 42%, Germany: 17% and 38%, France: 21% and 43%).

As we can see, consumers are willing to share their personal data with brands, but in case of data breaсh, consumers just as easily turn away from the brand.

Therefore, company must carefully and respectfully treat the personal data 🔐 of its customers in order to keep the loyalty of its customers.

More numbers in article:

#ALPEINSoftwareSWISS #alpeinsoftware #SWISSSECURIUM #GDPR #SWITZERLAND #cybersecurity #allinone #Cyberwarning #Breach #DataBreach #DataProtection
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