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Lenovo G575 Hinge Damage.

This week one of our customers came to us with a Lenovo G575 laptop with what looked to be a broken hinge on the left-hand side.

The moral of this story is never assume before ordering the parts.
When we look in more detail at the problem we noticed that the hinge was indeed not broken but far worse the screws that attach the hinge to the bottom casing have broken plastic away from inside the casing.

So it wasn't a hinge that needed ordering but the complete laptop's bottom casing.

A hinge repair is not to bad but this job is the most in-depth total disassembly / reassembly job of them all. 

We also loosened the hinge a lubricated so as to stop this ever happening again as it was very tight.

The pictures tell the rest of the story. 

Disclaimer, don't try this yourself, it's a job for the professionals.

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I often get laptop's in for repair where the owners have tried to do a self repair and broken something along the way.
This time it's an HP G6 laptop.
The customer was trying to look at the cooling fan and therefore removed all the base screws and then forced apart the palmrest from to base, in doing so he damaged the ribbon cable from the power button to the motherboard.
Luckily all the other ribbon cables had detached with out any damage to the ZIF connectors on the motherboard.
Close call this one because if he had damaged the motherboard ZIF connectors it would of been the end of the road.
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