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This is not the real me - please follow instead!
This is not the real me - please follow instead!
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Google finally enabled GApps accounts. So now move everything to the account I'll actually use. Sorry, all.

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Ms. Frizzle. From a live vesion of Magic School Busl.

Liberals think big business will screw if they can benefit from it.
Conservatives think big government will screw us if they can benefit from it.
I think they're both right. Which makes voting a PITA.

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We constantly hear 'education is our most important investment.' So why is college funding allocated by people with no experience or training?

I have a question about global warming. I've been going over the arguments from both sides, and have found soolid rebuttals for all of the skeptics arguments but one. Or maybe two, depending on how you count.

If I understand the facts correctly, heat is only radiated from earth in the visible spectrum. CO2 only absorbs radiation in 8% of the visible spectrum. So, as a first order approximation, only 8% of the heat radiated from the earth can be blocked by CO2. So the questions from this are:
1) Are there second order factors that significantly raise that figure?
2) (Assusming 8% is about right) How much change can that small a change in the heat radiated away actually make?
3) (The kicker) There is clearly a maximum amount of radiated heat C02 can block, either because it's blocking everything in it's part of the spectrum, or because we've saturated the atmosphere with CO2. How close are we to that point now?

I'm looking for the science behind the answers, not just quick explanations, so pointers to such would be appreciated.

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I can't recommend highly enough. They made a custom cover for my Droid 3 (photo attached) that was almost exactly what I wanted for a reasonable cost. When I wrote a note pointing out that, while it was acceptable and I was happy with it as was, it was just a smidgen short which kept it from being perect, they made me a new one correcting the problem at no charge

Google's product should rank high on a google search.

Let's start by dismissing the notion that there can be an "unbiased" search. The whole point of search is to sort the sites that are matches so the most valuable ones are at the top. The question is, whose values get used? There are really two choices here.

1) The search companies values. All a companies products should show that companies values, and hence rank high on a search using those values. The unnatural resultt would be if some product wasn't high in their search results, as that would mean the product didn't have the values of that company.

2) The searchers values. The search company won't have those initially. A good one can guess at them based on their searches and which of the results they use - among other things. A company smart enough to make searches depend on the searchers values should also be smart enough to capture those values and build products that match them - which would once again result in the companies products having a high ranking on their own search engine.

In other words, that googles products tend to rank highly in their own search engine isn't a result of google altering their search to make that happen, but simply of the product developers just doing their job to the best of their ability.

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New Droid 3 case from Nice custom-built case.
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