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What Non Resident indian Should Check while buying plot in India?
At Excellence Shelters we have many Non Resident Indians(NRI) buying plots with us.
I thought to address frequently asked queries by them

1.Can NRI invest in land?
Ans:NRI can buy only Residential or Industrial Non Agriculture plots in India provided then have indian identity proof(Passport/Adhar card) and Pan Card.

2.What documents should NRI Check before buying plot?
Ans:As NRI can only buy non agriculture plots so you must check following documents:
Non Agriculture(NA) Order for the land,that shows which type of NA it is residential or industrial
Recent 7/12:it shows who is current owner,any land loan,area of land and again NA type.if land is in Maharashtra you can also check online:
Search Title:this shows how land is handed over from one customer to another.For getting search you can approach good property advocate
3.Can we park capital gain of other property into land for tax saving purpose?

4.When I sell land then can I take back money to my home country?
Ans:Once you sell land,your base amount comes in NRE Account which you can take at anytime.Profit on transaction comes to your NRO account,where you should get Charted Accountant letter for profit transfer,post tax deduction you can take back this money to your home country.

5.Can I buy Agriculture Land Or land which is in proposed Non agriculture zone?
Ans:As per RBI Guidelines,NRI Can not buy agriculture land and also he can't get involved into trading of lands frequently.

6.For buying Non agriculture land can NRI get loan from home country ?
Ans:If non agriculture plot you are buying has loan facility from indian bank and that bank exists in your country then you can opt for loan also

7.What benefits NRI get if they buy plot instead of buying property in India?
Ans:If NRI is buying legally clear title NA plot in india then maintenance cost is too low as compare to property,which is very key factor for NRIs because they just invest from appreciation angle and can save on monthly expenses of maintaining property

Reshma Hajite,
Director Excellence Shelters Pvt.Ltd
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Shirwal:Upcoming Residential NA Plotting markets near Pune,India
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Given choice to buy plot,which kind of plot you want to buy?
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NA plot
Agri plot
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Solapur from dry land to smart City:
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Jithun kuni uthavnar nahi ashi jaga shodhtay?
Looking for own plot?confused agriculture or Non Agriculture?
Ohh Agriculture-you can get it cheap but any reservation can come tommorow.You should have legal 7/12.NRI can't buy.
Non Agriculture plots-should I buy farm NA,resort NA,godawn NA?
Do check NA order and FSI.You lose on FSI on all of the above.
Best choice is Residential NA plots with FSI 1,no reservation and 3 times appreciation than any other land.
Excellence Shelters provides government sanctioned NA plots in Pune,Mumbai,Solapur.
Jithun kuni uthavnar nahi ashi jaga
#natsamrat #residentialplots #Pune #Mumbai #solapur
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