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Giveaway: Samsung Stratosphere - Android smartphone with 4G LTE, Super AMOLED, and 5-row QWERTY :)

To participate in the giveaway:
1/ add us +PhoneArena to your circles
2/ share this post with your circles, so you appear in the list below

We will draw the winner on 7th of December.

Please Share the post to participate. We will not count +1 or comments, as these seem to be limited in number and not everybody can participate.

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+Sunny Mahil im trying to watch the walking dead...i watched a few seconds of the pilot got freaked out and turned it off...then watched another 5 mins till the little girl zombie...and offed it again :P

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Winter is coming....

"Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings."
+Sunny Mahil this was the quotation i was talking's not written in the book in the same context writer of the movie altered it to sound more cynical

making lemonade!!!!

so much for that.....
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