#figurefridaychallenge  : Vivid Colors.

Vivid colors tend to take over a picture so finding a way to make it work can be interesting.  Also, it may actually be hard to find something with vivid colors to photograph, so there could be an opportunity for some creative backgrounds or even some interesting color adjustments.

Get creative, have fun, and tag it  #figurefridaychallenge !

* Pictured : Nia by +Nathen Ghttp://goo.gl/p5DUVH
* Previouslyhttp://goo.gl/vYloIT

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Figure Friday Challenge : Vivid Colors

I decided to go with a color theme for this week's open challenge.

Nia ended up being my subject because of her dynamic pose and if you position her right one foot acts as convenient censor bar and leaves it up to the imagination to guess if somethings there ^.^;

I'm not that great at color correction in LR but here's the results.

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