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Beth Bartlett
Freelance writer, humorist, pop culture geek
Freelance writer, humorist, pop culture geek

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KFC's Regency romance is gloriously cheesy
Kentucky Fried Chicken has released their own Regency romance novella for Mother’s Day, because it’s 2017 and nothing makes sense anymore. Tender Wings of Desire centers on young Lady Madeline Parker, who chickens out of her betrothal to the hunky yet borin...

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4 Books to Wrap Up Women's History Month
You’re a busy person and March is almost over. How many books about women did you squeeze in? If the answer distresses your inner book nerd, don’t worry. Here are four great books packed with history, stories and projects that will inspire you long after th...

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Need something to laugh at for the holidays? I have a new post up at The Huffington Post! Humor with a bit of history mixed in. :)

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Literary Masters Write Complaint Letters
Let’s face it: life can be irritating, even if you’re deep, thoughtful and just finished writing a masterpiece in spite of your downstairs neighbor’s stereo.  In this golden age of complaining, what would classic authors tackle next after “The End?” Jane Au...

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You never know when your big publishing moment will happen!

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John Oliver turns 20-year-old children's book into bestseller
What happens when John Oliver uses your 1996 children's book about a kid running for president to poke fun at the 2016 election? You have a belated bestseller. Dan Gutman wrote " The Kid Who Ran For President" in the 1990s, and has had a steady career in ch...

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Future Olympic Event: Synchronized Shelving
Librarians in New Zealand were so inspired by the Rio Olympics, they invented a new sport: synchronized shelving. They put together this adorable video as their tongue-in-cheek sport into the Tokyo 2020 games!

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#DollarReads Review: The Queen of Whale Cay
As a faithful book nerd, I pick up books wherever I can find them, and the thrill of the hunt is strongest at spots like dollar stores, library sales and used books shops. I found THE QUEEN OF WHALE CAY: THE ECCENTRIC STORY OF JOE CARSTAIRS, FASTEST WOMAN O...

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The compassion of Hawthorne's daughter
Hawthorne was born on May 20, 1851, to famed author Nathaniel Hawthorne and his
wife Sophia.  Rose spent her youth in
Europe, marrying George Lathrop when she was 20, after the death of her mother.  Married life wasn’t kind to Rose, who suffered the

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