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bubble tea makes for a happy me

I’m planning a movement based project for myself (and occasionally other bodies) where I’ll take a random prompt each day for a year and create something. 

The goal for this is to keep challenging myself daily, to see how far I can go before I hit a wall, and then learn how I can overcome that block. I’ll look back on the work I did, and possibly create a solidified choreographic work for each month completed, or just for any improvisations that sparked something bigger.

I feel limited in how many prompts I can give myself— and I feel like it’s boring to know what my prompt is ahead of time, so I’m asking for your help! 

Send me any prompts. They can be one-worded, or an intricate story. A physical restraint, a mental state, or a specific motion you want to see utilized. Feel free to even give me a date you want to see this done (tomorrow? next week? in a month?). The options are limitless. 

Some examples of what I have so far:

- Origami 
- Tracing the outline of your partner (without anyone there)
- Gripping

What prompts would you give me?
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