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May be of interest to those who have heard Scrivener praised and wondered what the deal is (or who have never heard of Scrivener).

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I'm not super sure what I think about this.

I mean, yes, it supports my intuition that the homework my 8 year old was given is not super helpful, but that intuition gives me reason to be skeptical (especially since at least some of my aversion probably stems from the fact that I didn't have homework at that age).

What's throwing me here is that this particular decision seems to be predicated on the idea that the quality of the homework is the issue - that it is low enough that 20m dedicated to reading is just a better use of the time. And that might be true, but that leads me to wonder how better homework would stand up.

So, I dunno. Interesting, but I'm not sure what I think.

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This unreasonably delights me.

I 100% cannot justify getting it, even on sale, but it still makes me smile.
Vault Backpack

A blue and yellow backpack model named "Vault"? I think Timbuk2 has a Fallout fan in their design staff.

The description doesn't mention a vinyl waterproof liner, so you'd have an easier time applying fan patches than I did on my waterproof pink canvas messenger.

Also $44 right now, approximately 50% off, if that's your thing.


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If you don't use Trello, this is all very blah blah blah

If you do use Trello, then expect your hands to make little "gimme gimme" clawing gestures.

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This is +Rob Wieland's fault. There's a blog post coming but he's gotten me thinking about running cons as a downtime activity in Blades.

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This is, honestly, just the tip of the iceberg. I realized that running a heist in Blades in the Dark is easy, but running a con is harder because people don't have the same common touchpoint, so I want to sketch out the shape of a con, and it just kept growing.

So this is a start. There is more coming on this topic, but I needed to post or I would just write forever. 

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I'm taking another swing at Bullet journaling. I expect it to flop, but circumstances kind of pointed me that way.

So, funny story, I was shopping at Target and it turns out I was stupidly hungry. Now, I'm watching what I eat (another long story) and sometimes I have to negotiate with terrorists, and as a result, I cut a deal with myself that I could buy a stupidly overpriced notebook if I did not buy the junk food (Including the so delicious Mocha Oreos) so I picked up one of the Moleskine "professional" notebooks.

So, right of the bat, it's overpriced. Like, $23. But I was slightly fascinated to discover that it's - effectively - a pre made bullet journal. Pages are numbered and broken into tidy looking sections, there's an index to fill out in the beginning as well as some reference pages as you start out. There are also some sparse to do lists in the back, but I don't see myself using them. It's weak on the calendar front, but that's fairly easy to fix manually if you want to (I'm not sure I do - my calendar is a nightmare, and unlike my todos, I gain no real benefit from moving it to paper).

But what did strike me about this is that is might make the bujo approach work a little better for folks who make ugly bujos (like myself) and are intimidated by the entire artistic/performative part of the process and just want the tool for daily review.

So I'm trying it again. I am not endorsing these new notebooks per se - they're expensive and I have no reason to think it will stick any better than past efforts. However, if anyone has been curious about Bullet journaling but turned off by all the pretty bujos, this might be a way to try it out.

- Moleskine's page for the notebook:
- A Bullet Journaling Introduction -

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WARNING: Do not watch this unless your tolerance for corporate bullshit is very high indeed.

I am Mithradites for this shit, so when I saw this via a Peter Bregman(1) post ( ) and to summarize, the "13 box system" is largely a clever way to present an outline as a means of focusing writing. It's one of those idea that is transparent to anyone who writes, but probably looks very impressive to those who can't (and those are the people looking to pay money to learn).


For all the layers of bullshit, it's a clever presentation, and it got me thinking two very specific RPG thoughts.

1) I wonder how that worksheet would work for adventure design. Pretty well, I think.

2) That sense that none of this is wrong, but it's repackaging and complicating much simpler stuff is similar to the sense I get when I see a lot of PBTA stuff.(2)

(1) - Bregman has a similar warning label. He has written some of my very favorite productivity and thought stuff, but his target audience is CEOs, and not just "I'd like to be a CEO someday" but "I have a personal assistant and a driver" kind of CEOs so his stuff is of greatly uneven usefulness.

(2) - But because the world is just, I am fairly confident that my own ramblings look similar to some. :)

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If I base my hope purely on how much I've enjoyed the various marvel Netflix series so far, then there's about a 70% chance of this being really fun. 
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