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I tend to smoke pot when I'm sick and have the flu/cold. In one sense it's bad because it tends to give me a lingering cough from bronchitis but on the other hand it does tend to stop my nose from running and open up my lung. Best of all it makes me feel good my sinuses quit hurting, my body quit hurting and I feel good/stoned/happy.

I once read an evolutionary anthropological discussion on why man smoked, and their contention was that man smoked as a sort of fumigant to deter parasites. I wonder if pot smoke is inimical to the fungal and bacterial infections that can take up residence in our sinuses.

So I tried a new pot shop today almost by accident. I went to Diego Pellicar, it's actually gotten some interesting news coverage. In the first because the feds announced the were investigating 'them' within a month of them starting business the beginning of this year and then a month or two ago when the shop actually opened they did some minor media stuff to get positive press.

So I guess I should explain.

DP is one of those attempts at doing a "Pot Start-Up" ala silicon valley. It's actually two comapanies, Diego Pellicar World Wide, a pot store landlord company. Specializing in finding and leasing out locations for pot stores, grows, and processing facilities. The other is a Diego Pellicar Inc, a marijuana retailer shop in Seattle's sodo. DPWW is a publicly traded company (Nasdaq, 24¢/shr). And as such they cannot be involved in the retail sale of marijuana. The thing is, they really only have one customer, DP Inc, a privately held company, who's owners just happen to be the principal's is DPWW. And DPisnt actually paying DPWW any rent, DPWW is loaning them them rent and startup costs until they have a functional income stream. This made the SEC very nervous so the FBI investigated and they have yet to announce anything they object to.

So DPs pitch is that they are the high-end super premium store. They go news coverage by pitching a story about them selling a $3k? pot cigar. But their store is actually very nice. High ceilings, dark wood, attractive display cases with nice set dressing. Much nicer than some of the places like Clutch in Renton that are the size of a shoe box, have 3" bullet proof glass, whitewashed steel doors and and decided hip hop vibe. Honestly, I think herb'n elements up in LCW is nicer, DP kind of reminded me of a trying to be high end strip club. That trump version of classy, just a touch too gauche. But still really very nice.

The prices were over all high, but the had a couple of grand opening specials I decided to try. Got an oz for $99. 17.9% indica called avalanche. This is a really good price, most ounces cost more than twice that.

DPWW own properties in Denver and is going to be opening stores there soon and I am sure California is next.

Oh and the name, it is evidently the g'g'grandpa of the main guy. He was a Spanish hemp Barron on Cebu back when rope was a munition.

Jher asked me once how getting stoned with a vape pen was different than getting stoned with a joint. I tried to describe vaping night as like a smoking high but without the bottom end. The vape high is all trebles, sopranos, purply blues, spun sugar and cerebral Apollonian fairy towers. That's there in a smoking high but not as much and there is also a bass component there as well, it's that funky, reggae slow step, backrubs and butter gravy.

I find I like to get a nice baseline stone on smoking some pot, then I like to augment that with vaping. The airy high of that tends to dissipate.

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Todays exploration of marijuana is Sprayerz. A sub-lingual spray.

I tried one spray and felt nothing. An hour later i tried 3 more and after an half hour or so I am to where i think i can feel something but it might be wishful thinking. Im going to try the 8 spray full dose and see if it does anything.

Its peppermint flavored, kind of like a breath spray but there is a sort of oily vaguely metallic slightly bitter undertone. Not really bad but im not inclined to eat or drink anything. I suspect my kisses might taste nice ( if i had some one to kiss).

Huh, 8 sprays is a surprisingly large volume of liquid, i had a medium swallow out of it. Will watch an episode of strange and norrell and see if i get anything

*1 hr later: definitely have a good buzz, but not any sort of serious stone. Think I will left it soak a while and see if it gets higher.

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So, in today's installment of "How's Litch getting high these days in the land of legal weed?" I have been trying a variety of different things, dabs with waxes/shatter/oil off of quartz and Ti nails, various whole leaf buds (generally from as potent a thc concentration as i can find) i pipes, joints, and small vaporizers (pax2). There are plusses and minuses to all of those but what i have been using almost exclusively lately are the pen style cartridge vaporizers.

They're damn convenient. The high I get from them is not the same as I get smoking bud in a bowl, similar of course but less of the.. I suppose i could call it the "low-end" of the high. When i smoke pot in a bowl i feel like i might melt into the bean bag. When i vape a cartridge i feel like i might drift off and bounce on the ceiling. There is more similarity to vaping bud but it feels like you are getting a more concentrated hit. I dont get knockout body/brain blow dabs can do, but when i get really high with a vape pen i cant do anything but lay back and watch the universe peregrinate and know i am much to high to try to be walking around.

And that introduces another thing that is nice, it is much safer. The biggest danger is the battery going bad and catching fire. It happens, but it seems really rare judging from the record of nicotine vapers. It is certainly much safer than some guys stoned out of their minds playing with fire or even fucking torches if they are dabbing. I feel comfortable falling asleep with a vape pen i my hand, worst thing thats likely to happen is i'll roll on it, break in and spill some juice on me and my bed clothes.

It's reasonably economical. A half gram cartridge is 25-50$ and will usually last me as long as an eight of leaf that costs 30-40$ (3-4 days, depending).


Tine broke up with me.

She said she doesn't think of herself as my girlfriend anymore. I haven't been making enough an effort to make her a part of my life.

I'm heartbroken.

My dog is acting weird.

Ever since we got back from Seattle she hasn't wanted to go up the stairs to go for a walk. Once I get her up the stairs she is off and moving normally, but she really does not like going up the stairs. She has even refused to join me for a walk. I think it is just her hips starting to flake out, but when we come home she isn't the least slow about going down the stairs and jumping on the bed.  It might just be the weather, it has been particularly cold and damp the last couple weeks and she is a rocket going home.

Something in her rear end is causing her trouble, the fur is all awry and she is constantly itchy on the top of her rump and back to the base of her tail. I keep finding small scabs or dried bits of hair. I have looked for fleas and not seen any and she usually sleeps with me so I'd notice. The way she pees and poops has changed too. She used to pee a little a dozen different places, now she squats and empties her bladder in one go.  And she seems to be having trouble getting the poop out, she is still going strongly (was worried her intestinal problems were resurfacing) but it just seems to take her a while and she wanders around a lot hunched over trying to go.

When I get to seattle I will find a vet and get her checked out. She is a very old lady, she will be 16 in february.

Working on my personal statement for my application to the udub bioinf program.

I am applying to join the University of Washington's Bioinformatics department's PhD program because I believe that bioinformatics has the potential to change the world and that the skills and experiences I've gained working in the Information Technology sector and studying biological science  at the University of Oregon will allow me to make a valuable contribution to that change. The University of Washington has a national reputation for being among the best in the world at educating new scientists and giving us the skill and confidence to take a leading part in this revolution. I want to become a part of the Bioinformatics department to work with and learn from some of the luminaries in the field.

I am particularly interested in the application of biotechnological discoveries to human health and understanding. I have decades of experience in the corporate Information Technology and Software Development field and I'm familiar with the latest code development techniques and industry best practices such as AGILE process methodology and integrated unit testing. Later, I had the good fortune to begin creating tools to manipulate and work with FASTA/FASTQ sequence files while participating in an undergraduate research project within the University of Oregon's Institute of Molecular Biology doing zebrafish gut metagenomic analysis. I desire to cultivate the technological abilities and understanding of population/individual biologies I began to develop there so they can be applied to an area with more immediate impact on human health and well-being. I intend to be a part of the community that helps significantly expand our understanding of the human condition through bioinformatic analysis of human metagenomic information and the University of Washington will be a part of that.

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